Why Labour’s response to Hannan shows they are the Nasty Party

I’m sure you’ve all seen the Dan Hannan youtube video by now, with total views now well over a million. In 3 minutes Dan showed Gordon Brown up for the phoney posturer that he is. The video has gained worldwide attention for the chord it struck, and Dan is now being talked about as a Conservative grassroots hero.

What the video has also done is bring out the nasty bitterness that lies beneath the skin of New Labour and the left wing media. The mainstream media did now want to run with this, that’s why it took 48 hours for it to reach the TV. When it did, the BBC and Channel 4 wrapped it up as unknown extremist politican rants at the beloved leader. Both attached the ’right wing’ tag to Dan Hannan in a disparaging way, and attempted to pick the speech apart for minor factual errors (something they never do to Brown) Both also had the repugnant New Labour apologist Derek Draper on to comment in his own inimitable style, where he suggested Labourlist has destroyed the speech line by line (it hadn’t), and said that the ’demented speech from the demented party’ was just ’negative, negative, negative’ whilst he made chippy comments about Dan Hannan’s background.

However the real sneery response came from Sir Michael White in the Guardian today. For daring to take on the beloved leader, Sir Michael makes a suggestion that Dan is in the same market as the BNP. Add in Labour MP Tom Harris suggesting that it’s an act of treason to point out the failing of Labour’s unelected leader, and it’s clear that Labour have resorted to gutter tactics in an attempt tosmear a man who summed up what the vast majority in this Country feel about Gordon Brown.

Andrew Woodman


The first "special one"?

I’ve just watched a great programme about the life of Brian Clough. Coming from the East Midlands, and having worked in Nottingham for a good few years in my career you certainly came across a few Forest fans.

My 1979 Forest shirt

My 1979 Forest shirt

In fact I still have my 1979 Nottingham Forest shirt which would fit any normal sized 4 year old – but not this 33 year old. Having supported Chelsea since I was a kid I guess Mourhino is the modern day equivalent of Clough. Someone who spoke his mind and was happy to take on a clubs hierarchy. I guess people forget that there was someone doing just that 30 years ago, who could turn what has been described as a provincial team, into world beaters, and someone who did it two years on the trot.

The documentary isn’t online yet, but a Calendar special is, with Don Revie and Brian clough, and some bloke called Austin Mitchell who just happens to be a Labour MP these days.

A radical policy

It was with great interest that I listened to the interview with Grant Shapps on Tory Radio. Grant has been very helpful in a campaign we’ve running locally based on the outrageous planned housing increases due to the Government’s spatial strategy.

The plans are seeing housing allocations of 12,000 or more being forced on districts by unaccountable bodies like the Regional Assembly. Locally, people know little or nothing of it in spite of the fact it will change the whole complexion of many districts forever.

I find it strange therefore that as a party we are not making more of this, and exploiting our policy of returning these decisions down to a grassroots level. Locally we have exposed the fact that the Labour MP voted for this, and the former Labour Council passed it . For their part, Labour have tried to blame the ‘Conservative controlled’ regional assembly. Desperate actions which I would hope the electorate will punish.

So surely it’s time that Conservative PPC’s flexed their muscles on this issue. Many of these proposed housing growth areas are in marginal seats, and with the chance of scrapping the whole scheme immediately after the election, it’s time we gave voters a real incentive to see a Conservative Government practising direct democracy.

Andrew Woodman

What they said 17 years ago….

Tidying up my office I came across an old school report

The Conservatives had just won the 92 election, though I managed to come second in the school election to the Lib Dems of all people. My economics teacher wrote,  “Jonathan argues well. He would do well to practice the delicate art of turning his critical faculties on to his own view.”

Possibly as true today as it was then?

Made me chuckle!

Petrol to go up Again??

A fellow twitterer (is that a word?) flagged up this story which indicates that come April 1st, hard pressed motorists are likely to face yet another increase in the price of petrol/diesel. It is an eye opener to be reminded just how much money the exchequer takes on every litre (I do prefer working things out in gallons) of petrol sold.

You would think that if they really wanted to encourage economic activity a cut in the price of petrol would have a much bigger impact than the miserly VAT cut that was introduced.

Council tax up 3%. £8,000 train ticket up 6% Petrol prices going up. Return on saving – historic low. It can only end in tears!

Party agrees with Tory Radio suggestion

Just after lunch time I suggested the Tories should use their 1978 Labours not working poster given the shocking news on unemployment.

And…. now they have……..

Still Not Working

Still Not Working

What I personally find worrying is that already we have suggested figures of there being 10 people for every job. Having worked in the recruitment industry over the last year I can tell you that in the sector I worked in, which was fairly robust, that is a gross underestimation, and will only get worse. Not good times!

Why can Brown be a phoney in 2007 but it's out of order now?

Hattip to Louise Bagshawe, who flagged up this YouTube extract where David Cameron said, “Does he realise what a phoney he is”. Allowable in 2007 but not allowable now? I wonder why Mr Speaker made David Cameron take back the phrase today? Surely it’s even more appropriate than ever!

Exclusive:- New Conservative election poster!


Labour isn't working

Labour isn't working

Well it’s not a new one at all is it. It was first launched in 1978, however given the awful news on unemployement today it seems fairly appropriate to where we currently are!

UPDATE:- It appears the BBC have featured this iconic poster on their 6:00pm bulletin. Of course still no need for Mr Brown to apologise!

Are the left ashamed of Britain?

Dizzy has an interesting piece on the use of the Union flag which really annoys me. Not what Dizzy says, but the insinuation that to use the Union flag is right wing or almost something to be ashamed of. It really is interesting to watch how the left hate the fact that the Union flag is used. I remember as a kid I lived in America. In my class I had black friends, Asian friends, and even a native American Indian teacher. The one thing that united all of them (apart from me who wasn’t a US citizen) was every morning they stood up and pledged allegiance to the United States, and to the flag that was in every classroom. This happens across the whole of the US. And is it far right or racist. Is it hell!

I suppose by Kevin Maguire’s logic Obama is some sort of right wing reactionary for daring to be pictured with the stars and stripes. That analysis would certainly make a few Republicans wet themselves that’s for sure

If Kevin Maguire really thinks there is something wrong with using the Union flag then the only conclusion you can come to is that they are ashamed of Britain. Well given the mess the current PM has gotten us into, is it any wonder.

Estate agents getting a bashing from elsewhere too

It appears as though it’s not just me who has been giving estate agents a bit of a bashing.

I have to say I for one aren’t that surprised the Ombudsman is being kept busy. Clients are now asking for their agents to earn their fees, and some agents, I’m afraid are just not up to it!