Lord Bell Interview Part 2

In the second of a two part interview, Lord Bell talks about his views on the proposed new party logo, how he thinks David Cameron is doing, and what advice he has for the party to continue rising up the polls.

To listen to part two of the Lord Bell interview click the link below:-

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Points mean prizes?

The following story appeared on BBC newsonline and really has me worried. Apparently there is a plan for giving points to police officers depending on what they do – so for example, arresting a drunk driver gets 25 points.

 Apparetly "From last July, officers were given a monthly points target of 200 in relation to motoring offences". Now I'm all for people being given targets in order to improve performance, but is this really the best way to improve policing and cut crime?

Lord Bell Interview Part 1

Click on the link below to listen to the first half of a two part interview with Lord Bell, This part focuses on Lord Bell's time working for Margaret Thatcher, including what he really thinks about the decision to remove the 'Iron Lady' in 1990.

We also talk about Public Relations and how it has a role in politics.

Make sure you come back tomorrow to listen to his views on the proposed new logo, David Cameron, and what advice he has for the future.

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Any questions for Lord Bell?

Tomorrow Tory Radio will be interviewing Lord Bell. If you have any burning questions you'd like to ask this PR guru and former Thatcher adviser let us know!

Top 100 Tory blogs?

In anticipation of the forthcoming party conference Iain Dale is looking to produce a list of the top 100 Tory Blogs. If you have an suggestions make sure you visit his diary.

Hopefully we may feature in the list of the top 100 – though for my top three blogs you only have to look at the right hand column of the Tory Radio website. I love Iain's style of writing and all the political gossip that he picks up that you just wouldn't find anywhere else. For me if you want to catch up on all the political news of the day there is only one place and that is ConservativeHome, and finally if you want the most outrageous and amusing stories you can't beat a bit of Guido.

I'm also a fan of Ellee Seymour who doesn't just 'do politics' and must mention Blue Torch Solutions who produced this website who I know will go from strength to strength.

Can Guido come out to play?

I paid a trip to York today – the first time I had been back in 10 years since I got my second degree from one of the best universities in the country for Conservative politics (I even went and visted Heslington once again – which is what the Heslington Group is named after).

Whilst wandering down memory lane I came across a house I hadn't seen for a while with the following sign out side. Unfortunately I don't think Guido could come out to play!

Party Conference Time!

In little over a month the party conference will be held in sunny (hopefully) Bournemouth. Whilst it certainly won't be my first party conference (in fact my first was 16 years ago – and Ive been to the conference of each major political party for the last five years) it will be the first for David Cameron as leader, and the first for Tory Radio.

To help Tory Radio reach an even wider audience Ive spent the wife's holiday money (just kidding) producing 5,000 postcards that I'd like to distribute to all delegates.

If you fancy helping give some of these postcards out – with the only reward being my eternal gratitude then drop me an email at editor@toryradio.com



Tory Radio Exclusive – coming soon

The next Tory Radio Exclusive will feature an interview with one of Margaret Thatcher's closest advisers – Lord Tim Bell. Hopefully we will get a fascinating insight from someone who has been described as the original spindoctor. make sure you tune in next week!!

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Excuses Excuses

HM Revenue and Customs have put out a press release outlining some of the more outrageous reasons some employers have given for not paying the Minimum Wage:-

 The top ten worst excuses for not paying the minimum wage are:

10. I only took him on as a favour
9. The workers can't speak English
8. He's over 65, so the national minimum wage doesn't apply
7. She's on benefits – if you add those to her pay, it totals the NMW
6. They can't cope on their own and it's more than they would get in their own country
5. He's disabled
4. I didn't think it applied to small employers
3. I didn't think the workers were worth NMW
2. But she only wanted £3 an hour
1. He doesn't deserve it – he's a total waste of space

Do you think the Prime Minister uses reason 10 when asked why he has Prescott as a Deputy?