In defence of Zac and the environment

I start off writing this with a ‘vested’ interest. The vested interest is I like Zac Goldsmith. I first met him scarily over 20 years ago. His dad gave this northern know nothing his first job. We have kept in touch on and off over the years, so I regards him as a friend. And I think sometimes you need to stand up for your friends.

When we were both making our way in politics, some more successfully than others I interviewed Zac, and you can listen to it here.

He came to the important issue of the environment long before I did, although I think we both now have a passion for it. Mine more focussed o n how gardening and what small changes can be done there can be scaled up to have a global impact, whereas Zac seems to focus on far bigger picture issues.

I know we will hear all the arguments about how undemocratic the Lords is. That for me is a separate argument. If a Labour Government can have the likes of Mandelson and Adonis in it, then a Conservative Government must have a Goldsmith in it fighting for the environment.

Its a policy area where the Conservatives not only need to lead, but need to deliver, and with their swathes of northern seats, there is a whole new demographic to engage with.

I for one welcome Zac back and look forward to his independent streak of Conservative environmentalism making an impact.


What could have been…

On a day when Boris and the Conservative Government set out their legislative programme we delve into our archives and pull out an interview we did with Jeremy Hunt while the party was in opposition.

I think if I’d ever been in the position of running for party leader, you must always be left wondering what could have been.

May congratulates Boris

Well worth a read about THAT broadcast…

See what the creative team behind the ad have to say:-

Better to be open about any bias than not

This story about perceptions of the BBC is interesting:-

We’ve always held it’s better to be open about any bias than not, hence why the clues in the name for us. Broadly supportive, and sometimes critical, but not pretending we aren’t coming from a certain perspective. And even better, we don’t expect every household who wants to listen to pay a three figure sum. Though of course you are all more than welcome to contribute that much.

Worth a listen…..

Need to get out of London more

Yes… if it says valley.. it must be Wales… Or the North… but definitely “not London”. Yes.. definitely not London.