Challenge the Chairman Part 4

The fourth Challenge the Chairman interview took place with Francis Maude today.

Hear what Francis has to say about party funding, candidate selection, the recent sort it debt campaign and much much more. Click the link below to listen now.

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How to Label a Goat Book Review

Well its less of a book review – and more of a snippet as to what to expect from this excellent book.

 To order a copy click this link here.

To listen to my review click the link below

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Michael Grade effect

Ive just finished my little appearance on Sky News talking about Michael Grades switch to ITV. Out of the 11 minutes I only got a couple of points across – but I do think it leaves the BBC exposed. If only it meant there would be a real debate as to why we need to have the TV licence!

Will post the Youtube of the slot shortly…….

Voluntary code for blogs?

Apparetly the issue of whether a voluntary code for blogs or indeed government regulation is required to deal with blogging. According to BBC News online, "Press Complaints Commission director Tim Toulmin said he opposed government regulation of the internet, saying it should a place "in which views bloom". But unless there was a voluntary code of conduct there would be no form of redress for people angered at content".

This is an issue I discussed on the politics show recently. Unfortunately I don't believe regulation will work with the internet. It is without borders and quite frankly who can police it? Surely the only solution is for self regulation, and for the users of the internet and blogs to police it themselves.

Would I sign up to a voluntary code for blogs – probably. Would I back Government regulation – No.

Rescheduling Boris

 Unfortuntaely Boris couldn't make it today – but Tory Radio will be rescheduling!

Any captions for these excellent photo's?

An internet revolution

 There has been criticism of the concept of Internet TV – however a poll conducted by ICM shows that stations such as 18 Doughty Street are the trailblazers for an Internet Revolution that may just be around the corner.

According to the survey which has been published on BBC news online, "Some 43% of Britons who watch video from the internet or on a mobile device at least once a week said they watched less normal TV as a result."

I have to say the same if true of my viewing habits. now it would take alot to pull me away from Coronation Street, or when Chesterfield or beating West Ham. For that matter – nothing will stop me from watching Chelsea play when on Sky, but after that my viewing habits have really changed. I want to watch programmes when I want them – not when the schedulers say. Sorry, but news at 6:00pm doesn't do it.

I probably gets more news and political gossip from the likes of ConservativeHome, Iain Dale's diary and now 18 Doughty Street than I do from newspapers.

Why does Webcameron work? It's because it connects directly with the public – but allows people to watch when they want to, and for me that is key. Would Tory Radio work as a live show? Probably not. Does it work as a podcast – yes, becaue it lets the listener decide when they want to listen.

Traditional broadcasters, newspapers, advertisers and marketeers all will be facing huge changes in their industry. Why would you pay for an advert on ITV if you could sponsor a podcast that you can provide stats on how many people download?

The concept of Doughty Street and others that may well follow the path it has set is spot on. It's giving people something that isn't provided at the moment – but through moving to archiving all its content it's letting the viewer decide when they access it.

Great week coming up for Tory Radio

I'm not one to flag up what interviews that will take place too much – just in case diary commitments mean they wont take place. But in the diary at the moment are some great ones. We have the monthly Challenge the Chairman slot with Francis Maude which is always something to look forward to. Any qyestions – just leave in the comments section below.

Als we have half an hour pencilled in with the one and only Boris Johnson which will be excellent.

And lastly — but by no means least, we will be doing the first broadcast intefview with newly selected candidate Priti Patel.

Further deatils as to when the podcasts will be "broadcast" will be posted in due course.

In the meantime if you want to support the growth of Tory Radio – please click the donations button at the top of the left hand column.

Taxed and tested

 When deciding to work for myself one of the saddest things was having to give back my company BMW – which was a lovely graphite automatic little number.

But don't fear, Andrew Marr isn't the only one with a bit of taste. I've just got back from the garage and our Figaro has passed its MOT for another year – not bad for a car thats over 15 years old!

(OK so this isn't the photo of mine – but its waxed and polished and put back in the garage as its cold out there. Plus ours looks better than this one!)

SKY called – but I just couldn't make it

 On both Wednesday and Thursday Sky News asked me to be on their show – fisrtly to talk about the new re-vamped website Prince Charles has launched (all for the next King having a website with viedo clips) and then last night they wanted my views on Australians (love the country, like their political in-correctness, and they have a good PM – though I hope they get one hell of a beating in the Ashes).

Unfortunately I wasn't able to do either slots – so I thought you would have to have my views here instead! I hope I get asked again!

Long Live Meritocracy!

There are times in politics when you get disheartened, and want to throw in the towel. I know it happened to the best of us. You think after being a member of the party for over 15 years do I want to give anymore.

You think, perhaps I could enjoy myself a little bit more, concentrate on a business career, have a holiday. You see people who you may not think are top notch being selected for great seats. Then something happens which reinvigorates you and makes you think it’s all worthwhile.

I know she won’t thank me for it – but that moment happened for me this morning when I learned that my good friend Priti Patel was selected for the seat of Witham.

Now we can debate the A list until the cows come home – but in Priti our party has a candidate who is Asian, young and female, and who has been selected in spite of those characteristics – not because of them. She isn’t a token ‘ethnic candidate’ and never will be. She has been selected for the sole reason that she is good enough, and was the best candidate on the night.

I joined the party when I was 16 because as a lad from Chesterfield I believed the Tory party was about meritocracy. It didn’t matter where you came from (although that shapes who you are) it was about where you were going.

Today that faith is restored.

Long live meritocracy!