Exclusive:- New Conservative election poster!


Labour isn't working

Labour isn't working

Well it’s not a new one at all is it. It was first launched in 1978, however given the awful news on unemployement today it seems fairly appropriate to where we currently are!

UPDATE:- It appears the BBC have featured this iconic poster on their 6:00pm bulletin. Of course still no need for Mr Brown to apologise!


Are the left ashamed of Britain?

Dizzy has an interesting piece on the use of the Union flag which really annoys me. Not what Dizzy says, but the insinuation that to use the Union flag is right wing or almost something to be ashamed of. It really is interesting to watch how the left hate the fact that the Union flag is used. I remember as a kid I lived in America. In my class I had black friends, Asian friends, and even a native American Indian teacher. The one thing that united all of them (apart from me who wasn’t a US citizen) was every morning they stood up and pledged allegiance to the United States, and to the flag that was in every classroom. This happens across the whole of the US. And is it far right or racist. Is it hell!

I suppose by Kevin Maguire’s logic Obama is some sort of right wing reactionary for daring to be pictured with the stars and stripes. That analysis would certainly make a few Republicans wet themselves that’s for sure

If Kevin Maguire really thinks there is something wrong with using the Union flag then the only conclusion you can come to is that they are ashamed of Britain. Well given the mess the current PM has gotten us into, is it any wonder.

Estate agents getting a bashing from elsewhere too

It appears as though it’s not just me who has been giving estate agents a bit of a bashing.

I have to say I for one aren’t that surprised the Ombudsman is being kept busy. Clients are now asking for their agents to earn their fees, and some agents, I’m afraid are just not up to it!

Opinionated Git No. 83 – Estate Agents

I was sitting with a good friend who is a journalist for a national Sunday paper, and suggested to him that I really should have a column called “Opinionated Git” as all I seem to do at the moment is find reason to moan about cr*ppy service.

Now I know not all estate agents are bad, but please please show me a sign that mine is at least partially good at their job.

On Saturday we showed someone around our house (as the estate agent was too busy to, even though that service was part of their terms and conditions). My wife spent around 40 minutes with the couple, and given the time they spent, thought they may be a little interested.

We call on Monday just before 2:00pm to see if there has been any feedback at all, but only get through to an answerphone, so leave a message. we try again at 5:00pm but only get the answerphone (worrying if we were wanting to put an offer in).

Tuesday arrives and we havent heard anything so we give them a call. Apparently the person who is meant to be dealing with us is off sick – so we ask surely someone else can chase.

“Oh we usually leave it a while” but only on our insistence do they chase. Get a call back to say road was a bit noisy, but as we aren’t flexible on price not interested. So we say, of course there is always flexibility – can you stress this? Estate agent really not happy about us asking them to call potential buyer back – but we insist. Get a call back saying the potential buyer loves the area, really pleased we are flexible and has a few others to look at, but will be in touch.

Is it me, or are we having to tell the estate agent how to do their job? In this climate, wouldn’t you expect a little more proactivity in the housing selling game than perhaps took place when it was a sellers market?

Hmm.. maybe I am an Opinionated Git!

One Account – name the guilty ones!

Iain Dale has an interesting post on the subject of the housing market and whether any of the actions taken by Government are achieving anything.

I would say not really if my own circumstances are anything to go buy.

We currently have a mortgage with the One Account, owned by RBS, ergo owned by the taxpayer. Did they pass on the previous rate cut in full? No! Did the pass the rate cut before that? Not at all. When you look at the market their interest rate isnt that competitive, hence why we will be looking for another provider.

Given they have had billions in taxpayer funds, surely the Government would have more of a say as to how they should be helping people out with lower mortageg rates, or was it cash with no strings whatsoever?

Council tax bill thumped on the doormat

Well the day has finally arrived. The Council Tax bill came through the letterbox. I should have realised that given it landed with such a thump it was going to be a big one. Well I certainly wasn’t disappointed. As the local authority in their wisdom think that an empty second property which is on the market should get whammied with a 90% charge , as they think this will enourage it back into use, our total council tax liability is a whopping £3,397.38.

I’m not going to moan about whether it’s fair or not, even though there are only two us us, as the fairness argument is never ending. What’s fair for one person doesn’t seem fair for another.

What I want to look at is why for example has the police authority been allowed to increase what we pay to it by 4.9%? There seems to be alot of capital expenditure. Yes we have a lovely new police station in Newark. The problem is it’s never open. When you report a crime it gets reported to another town, and then after reporting the cime we still to this day have not seen anyone from the police. Of course the Chief Constable in his letter to me mentioned “limited resources” so maybe thats why they need such a big increase. I did of course point out my resources are now limnited, having to pay for an alarm system, as I certainly don’t have much faith in the force at the moment.

Perhaps its being spent on operational staff. Nope – For 2008/09 there were 3,072.7 and for the coming year… wait for it, 3,075.5! So much for more bobbies on the beat! An extra 2.8 operational staff! Wow!

Then there is the amount we pay to the Parish of Newark. Up 5.9%! Eh? What’s that all about then? Fire authority up 3.5%. At least Newark and Sherwood district council who will face the brunt of people’s wrath can turn around and say there has been no rise at all for their portion of the bill.

So all in all, most people getting whammied, and what extra services can they look forward to. Well not much that I can see.

I'm a bad credit card customer Egg!!

I remember when the credit crunch first hit quite a few credit card companies pulled the plug on customers credit cards. Not the high risk ones who may not be able to pay back their debt. No those who paiud the full balance every month – as the credit card companies don’t make much money from them.

I have a credit card with Egg. This is the company who sent me another card (without asking) and then because I didn’t use it, it actually damaged my credit rating when I checked with Experian. Seeing as  there was no credit history on it, as I had never used it, it counted against you as they couldn’t be sure if you may default on payments or not! Charming!

Today I get an email saying if I don’t use tmy Egg card (the original one) then it will be cancelled next month as it hasnt been used for some time. Even if I do use it, I will have to re apply to have the payments taken by direct debit.

And whats more interesting – because I have some money in an Egg saving account, it seems I will have to close that, as apparently its a condition to have a credit card. Oh well eh…. two accounts closed.  How to win friends and influence people eh!