Cunning plan by Mrs Sheppard

It isn't just Adam Boulton who did a bit of blogging on his honeymoon. In Feb this year – so did I – from Oz, and what a great time we had too. Now I am on my second holiday with Mrs S, and I think she has somehow got some form of sweet revenge on me by taking me to Cornwall which seems to have the most mobile blackspots I have ever come across. We are stopping at a great little place overlooking a beautiful bay – but which offers no mobile signal at all. That means no calls, no blackberry to play with, and no "tapping" on the laptop – as the Vodafone things just won't connect to anything!

Radio silence will end Friday – when I am going to have a big rant about environmental developments and the increasing power of incumbancy that sitting MPs seem to have!

A joker in the pack?

Get yourself over to Politicos bookshop and with every order you currently make you will get a free pack of rather exclusive Tony Blair playing cards. Now go on… I know you want a set, so click here 

Re-living the Doughty Street debut

Wednesday night was my debut on 18 Doughty Street.

 For those of you who want to watch again – here are the links.

My appearance with Iain Dale, Rena Valeh and Bryan Appleyard of The Times

Then there is the more relaxed end of the day show which can be found here

Comments about my tie will be added to the pile Cool

Recycling – could it be easier??

 Well my first week at Doughty Street is over and I have to say I've never enjoyed a job more than what I am doing at the moment. Now I know I haven't posted many podcasts lately – but that's what happens when you are moving house and changing jobs.

I have had a little play with Youtube – well if Sion Simon can do it why can't I.

One of the current issues I have is how complicated it seems to be to recycle things. Anyway – this was my first attempt at recording something and has had no editing whatsoever – but feel free to comment away!


Don't mention the football!

Shhhhh – but didn't a little team from Derbyshire beat a big team from London last night!! Spireites!!!!

Conservative Movement Awards

The date:- 13th November

The time:- 6-7:30pm

The venue:- TBC

Be there. Tory Radio will.

Michale Dobbs – First Lady

Iain Dale conducted an interview with best selling author Michael Dobbs for 18 Doughty Street.


Below is his excellent book review:-

Michael Dobbs knows how to tell a good political yarn and he certainly doesn’t let us down with his new political thriller 'First Lady'. He has a lot to live up to. Dobbs first burst onto the literary scene in the late 1980s with his House of Cards trilogy, which featured the bitter and twisted Chief Whip Francis Urquhart. He then penned a series of less successful novels before embarking on a mammoth four book series of docu-fiction featuring Winston Churchill as the main character. This genre had never really been tried before – at least not very successfully, so Dobbs was taking quite a risk. He succeeded in bringing to life a period in history for a whole new set of readers and enabled them to understand the complexities of some of the most important events of the twentieth century in a manner no one had managed to before. The last of the four books, Churchill’s Triumph, centred around the Yalta accords and the psychological battles between Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin. But in his new novel, First Lady, Dobbs goes back to basics and used the Palace of Westminster as the backdrop to an intriguing plot. Ginny Edge is married to a Conservative MP. When she discovers he is having an illicit affair it shatters he world. Everything she thought she knew turns out to be a lie. Dobbs uses the stereotype Tory wife to fight back. Instead of doing a Judith Mellor who stood by her man, she decides on a strategy to fight her turf on her own terms. Ginny Edge decides to become a player herself and embarks on a path of twisting men round her little finger in order to achieve her ultimate goal of becoming the wife of the Prime Minister. But she doesn’t have it all her own way. I suspect many a Parliamentary wife or partner reading this book will squirm rather uncomfortably as they turn the pages. In the PR blurb for the book it says that it exposes the greed, corruption and lust for advancement in twenty-first century politics. It does do that, but in a slightly 1990s manner. All in all Dobbs has struck literary gold with his new book. But I wait expectantly for the next series of docu-fiction featuring Margaret Thatcher. Surely her recapture of the Falklands would merit the Dobbs treatment. To buy: