Labour in hiring mode… an election soon?

Further to my previous post about all the fixed term jobs being advertised by the Labour party, today there are another five which you can find here, here, here, here and here.

Have recent polls given Brown the balls to go early? Could it be March?

Paul McCartney spouting too much hot air!

I don’t mind people who have views I oppose, but when they have a do as I say not as I do I do get somewhat irked.

So Paul McCartney is urging us to give up meat one day a week in order to cut CO2. Oh thanks Paul. Is this Paul McCartney who has how many houses? Would you care to tell me their carbon footprint and more importantlythe CO2 you use jetting between them all?

Is this the Paul McCartney who has how many vehicles? I have owned 1 car in my lifetime and its done 66,000 miles, and you?

But more importantly – remind me how many kids you have? I have none – so how much CO2 will your offspring create during their lifetime? I haven’t told you not to have big houses; not to jet off around the world; not to hold concerts which means loads of people have to travel to them creating CO2 and not to have kids, so why shouldn’t I eat meat?

And furthermore I don’t actually eat meat every day. But I may just have a sausage sandwich, and they won’t be from the Linda McCartney range I can tell you!!


Seven Days Show now online

SevenDaysShowThe latest edition of the Seven Days Show is now online. In this weeks episode I talk to the distinctly posh Iain Campbell-Dale about the last seven days in politics.

We discuss Zac Goldsmith;  being posh and whether “Tory Toff” attacks will succeed; localism and direct democracy and whether such an aim is ever achievable; issues in the NHS; UKIP and the election of their new leader; an exclusive as to whether Iain made it onto the Beckenham shortlist; and what a waste of time Early Day Motions are.

To listen to the podcast click the play button above, or you can right click here to download the file.

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Evidence of a March election?

Could this job, and this one, and this one, and this one, and this one mean Labour are going for an early election? Well they are fixed term contracts and given the state of Labour’s finances they won’t want to fork out for salaries all the way to May will they!

Interview with Nicky Morgan – PPC for Loughborough

Nicky MorganTory Radio took the time to talk to Nicky Morgan, our candidate in the Loughborough constituency. Click the play button above to listen to the podcast in full.

Latest PMQs podcast now online

Did you miss todays exchanges from PMQs? If so don’t worry you can catch up with all the action by clicking the play button above.

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James Cleverly – Straight Talking from City Hall

James Cleverly has just recorded his latest weekly podcast giving us all the latest news and gossip direct from City Hall.

Issues included in this week’s podcast include:- Mayors Question Time – The formal monthly meeting where members of the London Assembly give the Mayor a bit of a grilling.

The Conservatives gave Boris a hard time over the provision of night flights  with a Conservative motion criticising a proposal for increased night flights over london to support the Olympics.

Also in the news this week is the Olympic route network, which is supposed to give athletes and officials priority treatment. The Conservative view is officials should wherever possible use public transport to get to venues.

Good news with regards to Oyster cards. As of January next year, Londoners will also be able to use Oyster cards on the surface rail network and Londons river boats. Another example of Boris delivering a manifesto pledge!

To listen to the podcast click this link, or use the player at the top of the blogpost.

Helmer challenges Miliband (Ed that is)

Roger Helmer MEP

Roger Helmer MEP

East Midlands MEP Roger Helmer hosted a very interesting Climate Change Conference in Brussels last week. He recorded a podcast about the event which you can listen to by clicking this link.

Today it seems as though Ed Miliband, Minister for Energy and Climate Change has described the Conference as a “Conference of Climate Change deniers”. You can listen to Roger’s response in a must listen podcast for anyone interested in the climate by clicking this link.

Priti Patel on rural services and post office closures

Priti Patel

Priti Patel

Last week Priti Patel recorded the first in a series of exclusive podcasts for Tory Radio. The first one looked at the hugely important issue of rual services, and in particular post office closures.

To hear what our candidate for the new Witham constituency had to say click the play button above.

Ex Minister Oppenheim gives his view on European appointments

Former Minister and current political blogger gives his view on the recent European appointments.

Speaking about the appointment of Baroness Ashton as EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security, he comments,

“So from unelected legislator to unelected minister to unelected “high representative”.  I don’t know whether she is going to be good at her job or not, but I seem to remember Labour coming in mouthing fine words about democratic reforms. Is this what they meant?”

Click the play button above to listen to the full podcast