….and they call Tories nasty??

The Telegraph have an interesting (if unsurprising) story about shirts being sold at the TUC Conference which is essence are to celebrate the death of Lady Thatcher. It isn’t a surprise. Twitter is often full of those on the Left wishing ill on the former Conservative PM, and yet they call the Tories nasty?

Given its a Derbyshire grouping selling these things, and I am from Derbyshire I thought it worthwhile at least asking a couple of Labour MPs from Derbyshire to condemn the shirts.

Good sport, Chesterfield MP Toby Perkins responded to me, “@toryradio I certainly wont be buying 1. Thatcher’s legacy for North Derbyshire was a disgusting one, but no need to get in the gutter too.”

I put the final part in bold because of the picture below…..


…..Someone forgot to tell Ed!