Labour having a hissy fit?

Is it me or are those on the left getting more and more vitriolic by the day? They attack the Tories about public services but when you point out their Government closed more post offices and got rid of more Royal Mail staff than the Tories ever have, you get accused of not caring. In fact that is what one Labour MP accused me of, though when I pointed out I had worked for the organisation then there was a bit of silence.

Then when you point out that in actual fact Tories can have suffered hardship (no we don’t all have silver spoons in our mouths) you get harangued for not getting into a debate on poverty. By their logic if you refuse to engage you have stated that poverty doesn’t exist? Strange methodology that. I have also not engaged on whether the world is flat or round, but by not engaging one cannot draw any conclusion.

What is apparent is the left are really trying to portray Tories as elite, though again, when you point out the fact that Blair is rather posh and wealthy that conveniently gets ignores. When you point out it was the Tories who had the first female Prime Minister, the first female Asian MP, it kind of blows yet more myths they push out of the water.

Now twitter isn’t the best medium for a serious debate but the guilty parties – many of them elected representatives really need to grow up and stop being just so party political, and having a complete hissy fit.

Update:- Having been involved in politics and having stood for parliament twice I am grown up enough to see those across the political divide want the best thing for the country and for people – we may just disagree what that is. That’s why I fail to understand the attitude which even permeates their own elected representatives who (some) think that Tories – be it members or voters are likely to eat their firstborn. I think it says more about them than the rest of us.