A radical policy

It was with great interest that I listened to the interview with Grant Shapps on Tory Radio. Grant has been very helpful in a campaign we’ve running locally based on the outrageous planned housing increases due to the Government’s spatial strategy.

The plans are seeing housing allocations of 12,000 or more being forced on districts by unaccountable bodies like the Regional Assembly. Locally, people know little or nothing of it in spite of the fact it will change the whole complexion of many districts forever.

I find it strange therefore that as a party we are not making more of this, and exploiting our policy of returning these decisions down to a grassroots level. Locally we have exposed the fact that the Labour MP voted for this, and the former Labour Council passed it . For their part, Labour have tried to blame the ‘Conservative controlled’ regional assembly. Desperate actions which I would hope the electorate will punish.

So surely it’s time that Conservative PPC’s flexed their muscles on this issue. Many of these proposed housing growth areas are in marginal seats, and with the chance of scrapping the whole scheme immediately after the election, it’s time we gave voters a real incentive to see a Conservative Government practising direct democracy.

Andrew Woodman


One Response to A radical policy

  1. Charles B says:

    Absolutely right Andrew. Come to the South West where local groups round Bristol Bath and Cheltenham have made so much noise the Labour minister for the south west has appeared in the Bristol Post urging local councillors to ‘stand up to the nimbys’ . Just shows they are rattled! Liberal MPs and councillors down here know this is a vote winner and could gain all the lib/tory marginals on this basis

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