What blogs do you read?

Do you remeber that famous extract about what paper you read and what it says about you? I wrote about it here.

I wondered if the same could be applied to blogs. I'm sure this is completely unfair but perhaps you could come up with some better choices:-

  • David Miliband’s blog  is read by the people who run the country
  • Political Betting  is read by the people who own the country
  • Iain Dale’s Diary  is read by the people who think they ought to run the country
  • Lib Dem Voice is read by people who don't know who runs the country but are sure they're doing it wrong
  • Ellee Seymour is read by the wives of the people who run the country
  • Prague Tory is read by the people who think the country ought to be run as it used to be run
  • Little and Large Blog  is read by the people who think it still is run as it used to be run
  • Bob Piper is read by people who think this country ought to be run by another country
  • ConservativeHome is read by the people who think they run the country
  • And Guido’s readers don't care who runs the country provided she has big t**s.

(PS – I think all these blogs are great and no offence is intended!)


Weekly round up of the political blogs – Tom Richmond

I wouldn’t normally condone kicking a man when he’s down, but Home Office scandals have provided easy blogger pickings for several months and this week was no different – John Reid was held to account by Iain Dale and Lib Dem blogger Pickled Politics for remarks that simply didn’t seem to add up.  On a completely unrelated note, a few bloggers including Man In A Shed registered their concerns about sending Prince Harry to Iraq, although the BBC website suggested that Prince Harry has no intention of shirking his responsibility.  Most Conservative bloggers also made a passing reference to David Cameron’s speech about (the lack of) social responsibility.  Whilst most people would probably agree with his sentiments, Devil’s Kitchen was quick to point out the absence of policies behind the rhetoric.


Only a handful of bloggers gave much thought to the French elections.  Thanks to Croydonian for providing a useful map of how voting was split across the country.  Political Betting suggested that Segolene Royal is up against it in Round Two of the elections, and The Appalling Strangeness and Daniel Finkelstein provided contrasting views on the prospect of Sarkozy becoming President. 


The Labour leadership battle rumbled along quietly in the background this week with rumours of plotting and conspiracies now starting to surface, which kept Ellee Seymour happy.  Blairwatch and Labour blogger Dave’s Part offered their opinions on the suggestion that McDonnell and Meacher were about to join forces.  The poll shown by Guido this week makes for interesting reading for those who might support such a partnership.


The final issue to grab the attention of the bloggers was the latest failures in the NHS IT system.  NHS Blog Doctor and Tim Worstall were both horrified at the release of doctors’ private details on the Internet.  It was also nice to see Nadine Dorries MP provide a human touch on the plight of junior doctors (see her posts on Wednesday and Thursday).  Not unsurprisingly, Nick Robinson jumped to the defence of the government. 


And finally, A Tangled Web has gone barking mad, Burning Our Money suggests that we all take up smoking, Croydonian discussed how best to tax lapdancers, and Iain Dale took another giant leap towards stardom and fame by devising a completely reworked definition of the word ‘progress’.


Tom Richmond

Going Green – How Easy Is it?

 Everyone talks about going Green, however the Sheppard household have decided to take a few steps to see just how easy it actually is.

Now the first step I have taken is to purchase a wormery of all things. And what is a wormery. Well its pictured opposite, and comes complete with 500g of worms. Its purpose is to allow us to put some of our food waste (peelings, etc) to better use and get it turned into compost.

I have to say it really is quite interesting what you can and can't put in. Yes to egg shells. No to oranges – too acidic, and no grass cuttings as they heat up when they break down and could kill the worms.

We already have two big wheelie bins where we live – but interestingly neither of them will take grass cuttings – how bizarree.

Anyone interested in getting one of these "can o' worms" can do so here.

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Iain Dale Uncovered

Who should I bump into while in Portcullis House, but none other than Iain Dale.

To hear about how 18 Doughty Street is going, and what the future holds for the Internet TV station, along with Iain’s view on the Greg Dyke incident, and how he feels the party is doing click the link below.

Iain also gives his views on when he thinks the next election is likely to be held along with some top tips as to who he thinks may get a promotion to the Shadow Cabinet when the next reshuffle takes place.



Tory Radio a "community national radio station"

Yesterday I took the decision to head into Westminster Hall to listen to a debate on Rural Post Offices. Always one who wants to be on time I actually got there early while there was a debate on Community Radio and Television taking place.

When I entered Westminster Hall my former opponent in Bassetlaw looked up at me and looked at his watch as if I had turned up too late. I thought what's all this about? Anyway – when the debate on Radio and Television had finished I had the chance to have a quick chat with him and he said Tory Radio had been mentioned. Now for a moment I thought he was pulling my leg.

But no, Ed Vaizey, blogging MP and Shadow DCMS Minister did mention this little website with the extract below:-

"One could argue also that Tory Radio is a community national radio station, catering for a particular community"

Given we have listeners abroad we could even claim to be international these days!

Challenge the Chairman Interview with Francis Maude

Tory Radio conducted the 7th Challenge the Chairman interview today (24th April). You can listen to what Francis has to say by clicking the link below.

The interview looked at lots of issues, including the recent 'Greg Dyke' incident, what is happening with regards the selection of candidates for the Euro elections, and how the Chairman feels the party will do in the forthcoming elections in May.

Warning – the file may take a while to download.

Click to listen or download


Davena Rankin – Glasgow Cathcart

 Davena Rankin is the Scottish Conservative Candidate contesting Glasgow Cathcart. In addition to standing in Cathcart she is also number two on the Glasgow list. Davena is not your typical Tory in that she is a trade union activist who believes that Trade Unions have a vital role to play in the modern workplace. She is 34 years old, has a three-year-old son called Bryce and was born and raised in Glasgow before studying at the University of Sussex.

Political Hero : Rosa Parks, “Because she showed that small actions can indeed change a whole system”.

Chance of winning her seat: Good

Peter Lyburn – Dunfermline West

 Peter Lyburn has spent all his life in the East of Scotland and is passionate about the area, he is currently involved with the family farming business near Coupar Angus and has a keen interest in all aspects of rural life. Peter’s work at the Scottish Parliament has ensured that he has a strong footing on the mechanics of the political process in Scotland; he spent for six months on the Conservative floor as a political researcher and is also a committee member of the conservative think tank ‘The Tuesday Club.’ Time spent debating at the latter was what encouraged him to take an early dive into politics, but the real inspiration came when Peter ran an election campaign for Boris Johnson MP. Boris was attempting to become rector of Edinburgh University and Peter ran what turned out to be a very high profile campaign. The unadulterated enthusiasm for Boris gave him a clear sign that politics can, and does, make a difference. Also heavily involved in charity work, Peter’s recent effort with FARM Africa lead to a donation of over £34,000 being made to aid in the development of African agriculture.

Chance of winning his seat: Fair

Roger Helmer on Marriage

In the latest podcast interview Roger Helmer talks passionately about Marriage.

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