Here's to a great 2007

From all at Tory Radio, Happy New Year – Here's to a healthy, happy and successful 2007!!

When is big too big?

Britain always has a history of knocking its own success stories – and Tesco is certainly a success story. But when is nbig too big? A story in today's Sunday Times suggests that Tesco has taken control of half of all new shopping space in Britain this year, once store closures are taken into account. Retail analyst Richard Hyman, states this statistic is "mind-boggling". According to his figures, Tesco has opened two million sq ft of retail space this year.

As with all things like this – before we moan about the growth of Tesco – perhaps we should ask ourselves when was the last time we used the local baker, butcher or corner shop. And aren't Tesco just giving people what they want – choice at a low price?

The worry has to be the size of the Tesco land bank. Just how much property do they control and how big do they really want to be?


Post Office petition

 Remember you can still sign the online petition to support your local post office by visiting this link.

 As we end 2006 it would be great to send a message of support for the Post Office network.

Wooden spoon award

Had the most amusing comments from a former Labour press officer which go as follows,  

"By publishing details of his private life on this blog in the past, he has opened himself up to questions."It's like hypocritical celebrities moaning about adverse press coverage when they have spent most of the previous year doing anything and everything to try and get noticed.

Apparently I'm like a celebrity. I will have to phone my Nana!

If you have nothing to hide, Jonathan, why don't you tell us what you're up to now? And why you left 18DS? And was it under a cloud? I agree I have no right to demand answers from you, but if you have nothiing to hide, why not come clean?

Why should I answer anything you ask?

I agree about 18DS being a total failure, I'm wondering if Jonathan agrees with me? Again, I bet you will block this comment from appearing, becuase you realise the questions I am asking are perfectly legitimate. Whoever it was who accused me of stalking him and being a manic really needs to get out more.

Happy New Year comrade. Im sure 2007 will be very good for the Conservatives.

Paul Linford

 One of the most informative blogs out there – and even better – he lives in Derbyshire (God's own county). Paul Linford writes from a different political perspective from myself, however he really gets to the heart of a story. He also produces an absolutely superb weekly podcast, which could certainly teach Tory Radio a thing or two.

We give Paul Linford a Tory Radio "CBE" – for services to political podcasting

Guido Fawkes

 Now what can you say about the appallingly addictive Guido Fawkes. He is the only person I know who seemingly succeeded in getting into Tory Conference without a hitch, perhaps a sign that he is the one blogger all politicians fear.

Given some of the stories he has written about, including the peerages issues, surely it would only be right for Tory Radio to give Guido his own peerage.

Lord Fawkes…. hmmm…. has a certain ring to it.

Francis Maude MP

 Conservative Party Chairman Francis Maude has had an interesting year. Not least was one of his regular appearances on Tory Radio when he made the much talked about "mincing metrosexual" quote. Francis has constantly made himself available each month to Tory Radio, allowing ordinary members to ask questions of him on pretty much any subject.

Francis is one of the few MPs to understand the power of the internet, and what effect it will have on communication, and campaigning in the coming years. The Intermet, blogging, and podcasting holds inherent dangers for politicians – but it also holds huge benefits.

Tory Radio awards Francis Maude an "OBE" for recognising the power of the internet in politcs.

Ellee Seymour

 One of the best blogs to come out during 2006 was Ellee Seymour's.

It doesn't just focus on things political – but covers a plethora of topics, and has quickly developed quite a cult following. One of the moset informative and thoughtful bloggers out there, Ellee has demonstrated blogging, and more importantly good blogging isn't just the preserve of males.

Ellee Seymour gets a Tory Radio "CBE" for showing women are just as good at political blogging (if not better) than us men folk.

Prague Tory

 A year ago had anyone heard of "PragueTory"? Today this is another blog which has to be on your favourite lists. This man of mystery has quickly established himself as a veritable online rottweiler who has seen how powerful blogging can be in terms of campaigning. Not everyone in blogging agreed with the position he took against Labour blogger Councillor Bob Piper, however what was clearly apparent is the power the internet now has at setting news agendas.

Prague Tory gets a Tory Radio "CBE" for work done to higlight blogging as a campaign tool.

Dizzy Thinks

 For me one of the best reads this year has been Dizzy Thnks. He writes on anything from politics to the latest development in web based technology,

He has also proved more than once that a picture is often worth a thousand words.

Dizzy thinks is one of those blogs that has to be on everyone's favourite lists for 2007.

Dizzy Thinks – gets a Tory Radio "CBE" A blogger who isnt afraid to break the news rather that just write about it.