God bless America

If you believe that America is a breeding ground for obsessions with celebrity culture and paparazzi pictures, maybe this story might begin to restore your faith a little. It might even make you laugh.

Tom Richmond

Will Miliband's lack of experience help his cause?

Appointing David Miliband to the post of Foreign Secretary, one of the most crucial jobs in British politics, was an interesting move by Gordon Brown.  The Guardian today talked about how it was a canny decision, as Miliband is not associated with any of the previous policies on Iraq and will therefore be seen in a more positive light by his foreign counterparts when dealing with Iraq and Afghanistan.

But does this logic withstand serious scrutiny?  Does David Miliband have the credentials to provide strong leadership in such a key area?  Will his lack of experience show when dealing with the White House?  Can anyone honestly say that he is completely free from associations with Blair's policy on Iraq?

Tom Richmond

The BBC are sorry

Today we headed back from our break in Norfolk at around 10:00am as I wanted to get back at around lunchtime. Luckily our way into Newark wasn't effected by flooding and we made it with 10 minutes to spare before Blair's final Prime Ministers questions ever.

Now maybe I'm a bit of a political geek – or maybe I just wanted to watch Blair's last performance in the Commons. I put the BBC on and thought the coverage was fine – and just as Blair was about to give his final comments Andrew Neil had to cut the coverage short at which point I scrabbled for the remote and just about managed to get Sky News on.

Now I'm a Tory. I havent been a fan of many thinks the Labour Government has done, however I do have alot of respect for the office of Prime Minister. That's why I have the mug Blair used when he came to visit the headquarters of the company I used to work for. It was the mug that one of the longest serving Prime Minister's in history used. That means something to me.

For the BBC to take the decision to cut short coverage is absolutely appalling.

It now seems as though they are sorry. Stephen Brook for Media Guardian has an excellent piece in which he comments, "A row is understood to have occurred inside the corporation over the decision to cut away early from the coverage." Well I would hope so! In a world where TV is dominated by celbrity this and fame that – is staying with coverage of Parliament for an extra 5 minutes really too much to ask?

Andrew Neil the presenter of The Daily Politics who had to tell viewers that coverage of Blair was ending apparently said, "I think it's disappointing that the final historic remarks of the prime minister and his historic standing ovation were not broadcast live on terrestrial television," I suspect he said alot more to whoever took such a stupid decision. I hope Andrew forces someone to apologise to the viewing public on the next Daily Politics, though I won't be holding my breathe! At the moment the finger of blame seems to be pointing at the head of television news, Peter Horrocks, though perhaps we will never know whose decision it was!

It really comes as no suprise to me as to why so many people pay alot of money to Skyevery year , yet still object to the licence fee – if this is what we get from the BBC.


PM Browns speech outside No. 10

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 Gordon Brown is now the new Prime Minister of the UK. To hear his first speech made outside 10 Downing Street, click the link below

Highlights include:-

  • A new Government with new priorities.
  • Strong in purpose, steadfast in will, resolute in action
  • Heard the need for change
  • I will build a Government that uses all the talents
  • I will try my utmost
  • Let the work of change begin

All change please

 Well we rushed back from Norfolk and by luck had the only open road into Newark after the Trent just burst it's banks.

I've just watched PMQs – which if you missed it, you can listen to here. All in all it was a bit of a "love in" but I have to say that I think Labour will miss Blair. I think we will see a very different Premiership under Brown, and I'm not so sure the public will warm to it.

Blair and his wife (not the first lady – as we don't have one!!!) have left the Palace, and Brown is about to make his way to become Prime Minister.

What will be fascinating will be the forthcoming reshuffle over the next day or so. I really do expect some pay back for the loyal Brownites who stuck with Gordon over the last decade.



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Stupid Americans

I use the phrase – as I have family who are Americans – but when you read about cases like this you thank god our legal system isn't like this… well not yet anyway.