In defence of Zac and the environment

I start off writing this with a ‘vested’ interest. The vested interest is I like Zac Goldsmith. I first met him scarily over 20 years ago. His dad gave this northern know nothing his first job. We have kept in touch on and off over the years, so I regards him as a friend. And I think sometimes you need to stand up for your friends.

When we were both making our way in politics, some more successfully than others I interviewed Zac, and you can listen to it here.

He came to the important issue of the environment long before I did, although I think we both now have a passion for it. Mine more focussed o n how gardening and what small changes can be done there can be scaled up to have a global impact, whereas Zac seems to focus on far bigger picture issues.

I know we will hear all the arguments about how undemocratic the Lords is. That for me is a separate argument. If a Labour Government can have the likes of Mandelson and Adonis in it, then a Conservative Government must have a Goldsmith in it fighting for the environment.

Its a policy area where the Conservatives not only need to lead, but need to deliver, and with their swathes of northern seats, there is a whole new demographic to engage with.

I for one welcome Zac back and look forward to his independent streak of Conservative environmentalism making an impact.


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