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Lib Dems getting uppity?

So it appears Lib Dem members of the coalition are getting a bit uppity. Clegg has stressed he isn’t friends with Cameron. Cable suggested he thought about resigning (pity he didn’t if he ask me)m Simon Hughes talks about being honest when campaigning (I think the irony is lost on him) and Huhne is threatening legal action about No to AV alleged untruths (a bit like saying AV will make MPs work harder). Anyone would think the Lib Dems aren’t enjoying being able to say one thing to get a vote on one street and the opposite on another, knowing they were’nt going to get a sniff of power.

Welcome to the world of Government.

A theme tune for #yes2av ??

Well AV does mean you can lose and yet still win ;o).

Debunking that AV myth

I wasn’t going to say anything but frankly I’ve heard enough bunkum about how AV will make MPs work harder. What absolute nonsense. I think what they (those on favour of AV) are tryying to suggest is that it will remove many seats which are seen as safe. I get that as a concept, although there will still be more than a few seats where as I said about a seat I once stood in, you could put a donkey with a red rosette on it, and it would still win.

Now if those pro AV MPs spouting this nonsense really believe it will make MPs work harder, a) are they admitting that they themselves currently do not fight for every vote, and and work as hard as possibly representing every constituent, and not just those who voted for them, and; b) if they really believe there are MPs who would work harder due to AV – would they care to name any MP (one of their colleagues who they believe is not working as hard as possible?

I await a response, but don’t expect one, as the allegation just isn’t true.

If they are talking about campaigning, well take the 1997 election. I actually stood for the Referendum party. Millions of pounds weres spent. We fought for every vote. Candidates worked their socks off. They knew they were unlikely to get elected.

If they are talking about existing MPs well they are even more way off the mark. Are they seriously suggesting an MP will only deal with constituency casework and problems from those who voted for them? Seriously? No – of course not, and not one MP will dare make that allegation against a colleague.

What if I got elected by AV and then decided I would stand down at the next election having done teh job for 12 months. AV wouldnt make me work harder – I decided I was leaving. I would do what the hell I liked. The electoral system would be of no consequence.

Lets not kid ourselves. In ever walk of life there are some people who work hard and some less so. I am just wholly unconvinced that the likes of Clegg or Cable will be working harder for their constituents if there are elected under AV – yet they seem to suggest they wll. In which case does’t that beg the question why aren’t they working at full tilt now?

Cable opens his mouth….. again

It wasn’t that long ago that good old Vince Cable opened his mouth to some undercover journalists, which had the effect of having some of his responsibilities hived off to another Government department at great expense to the taxpayer.

Vince is at it again – this time criticising the Prime Ministers stance on immigration. But isn’t that the cowards way? Why not do the decent thing Vince and resign and then carp from the back benches?  I remember at school learning about collective responsibility. Vince may think the comments by the PM are unwise. He has a right to think that… but as a backbencher.

Zetters Political Companion

The third issue of Zetters Political Companion has now been published, and it is packed full of useful information and contact details, all checked against original sources.

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Seven Days Show


The latest episode of The Seven Days Show is now online. In episode 62 we discuss football and footballers; dignity in death; maternity and paternity leave and what impact changes may have on small business; the AV campaign; Lord Ashcroft and his research into prison policy; and the How to use politicians to get what you want book by Scott Colivin.

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