Jesse Norman

Tory Radio took the opportunity to interview Jesse Norman, Editor of Compassionate Conservatism What it is, why we need it.

This two part interview which can be accessed by clicking the links below focuses on much more than political philosophy and is a must listen to interview for anyone interested in the future direction of the Conservative Party.

Click here to download part 1 of the interview now

Click here to download part 2 of the interview now


In conversation with the Shadow Welsh Secretary

Tory Radio conducted an exclusive interview with Cheryl Gillan MP, the Shadow Secretary of State for Wales.

To find out how the Welsh Assembly is working, and where it’s failing to deliver; what the relationship there is between the Shadow Welsh Secretary and Assembly Members; why she believes David Cameron is “putting the heart back into politcs” – and much much more make sure you click the links below in this two part interview

Click to listen or download part 1

Click to listen or download part 2

Ed Vaizey speaks out

This week we feature an interview with the Member of Parliament for Wantage – Ed Vaizey. Ed took over from Robert Jackson who defected to Labour prior to the 2005 election, and whose wife Caroline Jackson is currently an MEP.

Make sure you listen to this two part interview by clicking the links below to find out why Ed backed Cameron from Day one, why he believes the EPP promise will be delivered, how he’s finding life as an MP, and why mine is bigger than his!!

As always your comments are welcome!

Click to listen or download part 1

Click to listen or download part 2

Bob Neill Exclusive

To find out why Bob wants to be an MP, why he wont be resigning as an Assembly member is he wins, and why he won’t be knocking on your door during England games make sure you listen to the exclusive interview with Tory Radio by clicking the link below.

Click to listen or download

Iain Dale

Top blogger and top bloke Iain Dale took the time to talk to Tory Radio a couple of weeks ago.

In a two part interview Iain gives us an insight into his time as Parliamentary candidate in North Norfolk, what it was like working for David Davis, and what he thinks about the Priority list of candidates.

Click here to listen to PART ONE of the Iain Dale interview

Click here to listen to PART TWO of the Iain Dale interview

The potential to be very influential

I had the opportunity to ask Matthew d'Ancona, Editor of the Spectator, how influential did he think blogging and podcasting are in politics at the moment, and was he a regular reader or listener of any blogs or podcasts in particular?

Matthew commented, "I think blogging and podcasting are re-shaping politics completely. In the Tory world, the defining moment was last year’s leadership contest when the campaign blogs – official and unofficial – became indispensable. They were used to “seed” stories, and they were often way ahead of the mainstream media. Sites such as your own and have the potential to be very influential indeed."

High praise!

Adam Rickitt speaks exlusively to Tory Radio

Tory A lister Adam Rickitt who has faced a constant barrage of press criticism decided to take the opportinty to speak exlusively to Tory Radio as to why he feels some of that criticism is misplaced and why he wants to be a Member of Parliament.

To listen to the four part interview click the links below. Apologies in advance for the sounds quality – it was my first attempt at a “telephone interview”:-

Adam Rickitt Interview Part 1

Adam Rickitt Interview Part 2

Adam Rickitt Interview Part 3

Adam Rickitt Interview Part 4

Apologies to Iain Dale fans (and to Iain) – Iain’s interview will be online on the 12th June.