Seven Days Show Halloween edition


The latest edition of the Seven Days Show, episode 47 is now online. In the show this week we discussed trick or treating and why we are both against it; Bonfire Night and the strike planned by London’s fire fighters; the EU budget rise and whether it can be justified; the UK Youth Parliament and Connor Morgan; Harriet Harman and the Ginger Rodent incident; Gordon Brown speaking in The Commons on Monday and finally putting the clocks back today.

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What is it with Labour, animals and vermin?

Labour really do seem to have form with animal type insults. Why do they seemingly have a hatred of political opponents? I can get on quite well with people across the political divide (at least I think I usually can).

Today we had Ginger Rodent, prior to that we had a Labour MP call Tories scum sucking pigs (funny we’ve seen no more tweets from that account) and much earlier we had Bevan call Tories lower than vermin.

Do they never learn? Petty insults like this only help to galvanise people. So who is going to start the Ginger Rodent club?

Ginger Rodent comment anti Scottish?

So Harman has called Danny Alexander a ginger rodent. As insults go I’ve heard worse that’s for sure. What I found sightly ridiculous was a radio report that apparently the SNP have said the comment is actually anti Scottish because there is a higher propensity for ginger hair in Scotland.

Oh grow up. It isn’t a nice thing to say but what are the SNP on about. Would it be true (and I base this on no statistical evidence whatsoever) to say any fat joke is anti Scottish due to the propensity for fried Mars Bars? (Yes gross stereotyping… but you get my drift).

Stick and stones, sticks and stones.

Update:- My wife is a natural blonde. Yes true. I remember one of those blonde jokes which went along the lines of, How do you keep a blonde busy? Write please turn over on both sides of a piece of paper! Get it get it?? OK bad joke and my wife would probably punch me where you can’t see the bruises, but would I be guilty of showing offence to the people of Scandanavia who have a higher propensity for blonde hair?

EU budget pegged at 2.9 percent – we are not amused

I just don’t know how a rise can be justified when every family in every walk of life will be facing belt tightening. I know my train fare will go up around 10%. I know I will not get any increase in what I earn. I work for myself. The argument that this is a success because it could have been a 6% rise is the same arguments that Unions use when going through their pay negotiations. Lets ask for 20% then we can negotiate downwards.

Someone justify to me why the EU should get MORE money. Tell me why British taxpayers should give a penny MORE to the EU. Please.. someone??

Iain Dale disgusts me!



Not the man himself, but what I learn is happening today.

I have never been a proponent of letting the Youth Parliament sit on the Green Benches in the Commons. Call me a traditionalist but I believe you have to earn the right to speak in the Commons, and you do that by getting yourself elected as a Member of Parliament.

Putting that issue in itself to one side I will use more emotive and passionate words than Iain. I am left with a funny taste in my mouth to learn that a Member of the Youth Parliament representing Sinn Fein will be allowed to speak in the Commons and do it in Gaelic. If (and Iain is right to say if) it is true that this has been allowed by the Speaker then either way, Sinn Fein have been granted a superb publicity coup.

If he speaks in the Chamber in Gaelic (and god knows what will be said) I think it very newsworthy. I frankly don’t want it to happen – and if he isn’t allowed to, then guess what – another publicity coup!

A few years ago I interviewed Lord Tebbit and asked him if he had one regret. He said yes – he had planned to leave the Brighton conference a day earlier than he did, and we all know what happened.

Only a few days ago, a Tory Councillor was suspended for dressing up like Hitler at a private party. Today we are allowing someone who dresses up in a rather unique way to speak in the Mother of Parliaments. Hmmmm.

He cannot forgive the IRA and the views espoused by Sinn Fein – and I’m not sure I can either.

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Referendum time?

As a young handsome thinner chap I was a parliamentary  candidate for The Referendum Party. Yes it’s true. You see we hadn’t had a vote on our relationship with Europe for many a year. That was in 1997. And still the public aren’t given a say even at a time when it seems our contributions to the EU will be rising at a time when all of us are tightening our belts.

Crikey – my train fare may go u £800 next year and you are telling me I can have a vote on the voting system but not on our relationship with Europe.

Come on Conservatives… to steal a phrase I know well from 1997, Let the People Decide.

Every penny counts!

I have just be told a story from a Member of Parliament who clearly knows a thing or two about making every penny count.

Apparently before steering wheel locks were common place he worked out he could turn the engine off half a mile before his drive way and coast all the way home, and what’s more, that’s exactly what he did.

Now there’s a man who should be put in charge of finding waste in Government. I bet you can guess what county his constituency is is!

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PMQs podcast from 27th October


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Get on your bike, bus, or maybe just off your bum

I have to say that if we want to talk “fairness” and people keep talking about that I don’t see why its fair someone should get £20k in housing benefit so they can live in London.

I cant afford London. That why the two people that make up my family unit have around a 250 mile round trip commute to London, so that we can afford a property that suits us at a price we (as opposed to other taxpayers) can afford.

Should I expect taxpayers to subsidise my housing, or maybe because I have such a long commute they could subsidise that for me? Alternatively maybe just maybe  the principle of fairness would dictate that hard working people really shouldn’t be expected to subsidise my lifestyle choice.

Seven Days Show 46


Episode 46 of The Seven Days Show is online. In the Show this week we talk about Widdie and her Strictly come dancing entrance (how could you not). Onto the serious issues of the week we look at the Strategic Defence Review; whether delaying Trident was a sop to the Lib Dems; The Comprehensive Spending Review; was it really anti women; whether cutting Council spending is a good thing; whether cutting jobs in the public sector is something the private sector is continuously doing; is Alan Johnson a weak link for Labour; what is fair about taxes; and finally how right IDS was to say people can get a bus to go and find a job.

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