Party agrees with Tory Radio suggestion

Just after lunch time I suggested the Tories should use their 1978 Labours not working poster given the shocking news on unemployment.

And…. now they have……..

Still Not Working

Still Not Working

What I personally find worrying is that already we have suggested figures of there being 10 people for every job. Having worked in the recruitment industry over the last year I can tell you that in the sector I worked in, which was fairly robust, that is a gross underestimation, and will only get worse. Not good times!

2 Responses to Party agrees with Tory Radio suggestion

  1. Gis a job says:

    Saw the original post this afternoon. Didn’t take them long did it. Sad reflection on this current government. Time for Brown to just go!!

  2. Beatrijs says:

    This unemployment figure is truly shocking and the flashback to the ’70’s also. But will it mean a revival of the Tories? They sure need a clearer plan on the economy if they not only want to win the elections (this is the easy bit) but also want to change this country into a better place.

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