Latest Seven Days Show podcast now online

Episode 26 of the Seven Days show is now online. Who would have thought that we would manage half a year of these weekly run through politics when we started?

This week we discuss Iain’s new LBC career; David Laws, his resignation, and what it means for the coalition; the recent appointments to the Lords; the election of Graham Brady MP to the 1922 committee; and of course what Iain would sing if he ever represented us in the Eurovision song contest. As usual a smattering of smut and good fun throughout the show. Thanks to all of you who have stuck by us!

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Latest Seven Days Show podcast now online

The latest Seven Days  show podcast is now online. In this weeks episode (number 25) we talk about David Camerons decision to change the 1922 committee; the new manifesto from the coalition; whether Cameron is like Blair; could there be any poisoned chalices for Ministers and the already unpopular IPSA.

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Latest Seven Days Show podcast now online

The latest Seven Days Show podcast (episode 24) is now online.

In this weeks episode we talk about the Conservative Lib Dem coalition; whether the Lib Dems did well with the number of Ministers they have from their ranks; whether some Tories should feel slightly aggrieved; the possibility of certain Lib Dems joining the Tories and other defecting to Labour; Gordon Brown resigning and Labour’s leadership race.

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Seven Days Show now online

The latest Seven Days Show (episode 23) is now online.

In this weeks episode there wasn’t much to talk about. Well apart from the General Election; possibilities of a coalition; differences between the Tories and Lib Dems; whether Brown needs to resign; whether there will be another election this year and much much more.

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Fat lady is taking to the stage

Someone (you know who you are) reminded me it aint over until the fat lady sings. Tomorrow she is taking to the stage. Polls open at 7:00am and hopefully enough has been done to convince people that not only should we send this shoddy Government packing, but a clear decisive result, namely a Conservative Government with a mandate to take the decisions is required.

I am more tired than the two times I have stood for Parliament myself. I have a pair of worn out trainers. I haven’t seen my home for a month. I have done all I can possibly do – but tomorrow there is still a little more to do. We need to ensure that everyone who is considering voting Conservative goes to the polling station and casts their vote. It really is the most important General Election of a Generation.

I turned 35 during this election and the party has never won a General Election since I have been able to vote. A sobering thought – and one that convinces me tomorrow every Tory needs to do all they can to get the result the country needs.

On that note I wish all my friends who are PPCs the best of luck.  I hope all your hard work brings you the result you deserve!

What parliamentary candidates would really like to say!

The public have been disgruntled with politics ever since the expenses scandal. They think everyone involved in politics are crooks, on the take, and so on.

What they don’t hear is the sacrifices made by candidates and indeed supporters in every party, because on the whole, these people believe (rightly or wrongly) that what they are doing will make a difference to local people and make the country better.

There is nothing more I like that a robust debate about political ideas. What gets my goat is people who whinge from the sidelines, moan that all candidates are the same, and even come out with phrases along the lines of it doesn’t matter who you vote for the Government always get it.

To those people I commend this article by Dominic Lawson to you!

Last ever seven days show

The last ever Seven Days Show is now online. Well the last under a Labour Government we hope.

In this weeks episode (number 22) we discuss the final leaders debate; whether Nick Clegg lied on TV; Phil Lardner; Kerry McCarthy and twitter; the PM and bigotgate and finally whether we think the party will secure a majority.

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