Big Names signed up….

I am currently reading the biog of the late Kerry Packer who I once bumped into, as I once worked for a short while for Sir James Goldsmith and was invited to attend his memorial service in London some time ago.

From reading the book “The rise and rise of Kerry Packer” (which I would recommend to anyone) it seems he had the same approach to being in business – in that it was all about the profit.

I am therefore feeling very much the media tycoon – so perhaps Murdoch had better watch out because the Tory Radio podacst is going from strength to strength. (Well OK – we haven’t produced a show yet – but it won’t be long!!)

We now have three senior Conservatives lined up to be interviewed….


DDA compliancy Aussie style

While in Sydney we decided to have a wander round the Hardour bridge as you do. We then found you could walk underneath the bridge via some steps. Whilst the attempt at a providing a ramp is admirable Im not sure the 45% angle would be appreciated by most wheelchair users.

Is this DDA compliancy Aussie style I wonder?

If any of you are interested in doing a piece for the podcast on political correctness gone mad – drop me a line:-

Howard criticises Muslim immigration

No not Michael – but John Howard – PM of Australia. Apparently in a book he has published looking at 10 years of his premiership he has suggested that Muslim immigrants have caused much more “problems” than immigration that has taken place from Western countries over the years.

I come from a land down under

7:30am in an internet cafe in Sydney. My wife had to do some emails – so I have been allowed to sit in front of a computer for the first time in quite a while.

Look out for a few pics of Sydney coming in the next few days. One from under the Harbour Bridge gives a good idea about how the Australians deal with DDA issues. Im sure political correctness hasn’t quite arrived here!!

Next port of call will be Brisbane tomorrow. The big political issue over here seems to be money being spent on a desalination plant (and whether it will happen or not).

Lib Dem in back of car shocker

Yes that’s right – Paul Holmes MP was caught in a compromising position in the back of a car today.

Well not quite.

We ended up in the same carriage on a train back from London – and my dad (who used to teach with him) who is over from America for my wedding offered him a lift home. According to Paul, there is “All to play for” in the Lib Dem leadership election.

Off to meet a Goldsmith

The last time I met Zac Goldsmith was in Oxford at a meeting organised by his late fathers Referendum Party. I'm off to have a chat with him about various things somewhere in West London. I'll be interested to hear his views on the energy debate which is only going to get more intense over the next year.

I'm slightly upset I didn't come anywhere in the list of the worlds 100 sexiest men.

Perhaps that's why Im doing Tory Radio and not Tory TV!