Are the left ashamed of Britain?

Dizzy has an interesting piece on the use of the Union flag which really annoys me. Not what Dizzy says, but the insinuation that to use the Union flag is right wing or almost something to be ashamed of. It really is interesting to watch how the left hate the fact that the Union flag is used. I remember as a kid I lived in America. In my class I had black friends, Asian friends, and even a native American Indian teacher. The one thing that united all of them (apart from me who wasn’t a US citizen) was every morning they stood up and pledged allegiance to the United States, and to the flag that was in every classroom. This happens across the whole of the US. And is it far right or racist. Is it hell!

I suppose by Kevin Maguire’s logic Obama is some sort of right wing reactionary for daring to be pictured with the stars and stripes. That analysis would certainly make a few Republicans wet themselves that’s for sure

If Kevin Maguire really thinks there is something wrong with using the Union flag then the only conclusion you can come to is that they are ashamed of Britain. Well given the mess the current PM has gotten us into, is it any wonder.

3 Responses to Are the left ashamed of Britain?

  1. nigel Barlow says:

    Don’t agree. The problem in this country is that the flag has become associated with the extreme right, sad I know but true.It is nothing to do with being ashamed of Britain just ashamed of the people that hide behind the flag

    • editor says:

      So what better what to “reclaim” our flag than for political parties to be proud of it, rather than to be snipe at by leftie journalists?

      Mind you – Kevin didn’t have a problem with a Prime Minister using rhetoric like “British Jobs for British workers”.

  2. Solitaire says:

    The Left is not ashamed of Britain. The Union Flag is just a flag. Go anywhere in the UK and you’ll see the flag on anything and everything, from underwear to towels. That’s the difference between the UK and the US. In the US their is a “United States Flag Code” in the UK their is no such code. In fact: “Royal Navy Stores Duties Instructions, article 447, dated 26 February 1914, specified that flags condemned for further service use were to be torn up into small pieces and disposed of as rags (ADM 1/8369/56), not to be used for decoration or sold. The exception was flags that had flown in action: these could be framed and kept on board, or transferred to a ‘suitable place’, such as a museum. (ADM 1/8567/245)”. In the UK their is no such thing in the peoples thoughts as “Flag Desecration” like their is in the US. That’s why the US can’t understand the UK’s apparent “lack of respect” for their National Flag and the UK can’t understand the US’s overzealous respect for their Flag.

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