Labour party wicked and malicious

Ed Miliband Conference Speech


If you missed the speech Ed Miliband gave to Labour party conference click the play button above to listen to what he had to say.

Roger Helmer MEP suggests we could be better off out



David Miliband has to go

That’s not my advice as a Tory who would gleefully rub his hands together at the loss of a great talent in the Labour party. It is a simple piece of advice given the situation the two Miliband brothers have gotten themselves into.

As soon as they both took the decision to go for the top job they really must have realised that it could well end as it has now. For so long it looked as if David would be the one crowned Labour leader, but even in that situation, if Miliband minor had come second could it work?

The whole Labour conference hasn’t been dominated by Ed’s victory – but about what brother David will do next. If David sticks around do we think that situation will change? No, as the media is fascinated by having two brothers who actually have different views on things jostling within the same party.

That is why David could never be Shadow Chancellor or even Shadow Foreign Secretary while his brother is leader. He would either have to agree with everything his brother said as leader, which frankly  we know he does not, or fight his corner which would play right into the hands of the media.

So David is damned to silence and collective responsibility, or he could speak out and perhaps do irreparable damage to his brother’s leadership.

For that reason there is only one option. It isn’t the selfish option of someone who because they didn’t win the top prize is not playing and taking their ball home with them. It is the action of a brother who knows if he stays in politics it can only damage the electoral chances of his brother. David Miliband has to leave front line politics

IMF supports Government spending cuts

Nothing more to add. Won’t help Labour’s narrative. But remember what Andy Burnham said:-

“Lets get some honesty in this debate. There would have be significant spending cuts under Labour, and there would have been job losses under Labour so lets get some honesty in this debate at the beginning.”

Seven Days Show from behind enemy lines on @toryradio and @ukpolradio


The latest Seven Days Show with Iain Dale (episode 42) in now online.

In this weeks episode recorded from behind enemy lines (well at Labour Party Conference in Manchester) we spoke about the election of Ed Miliband as Labour leader; what price if any the Unions will want; have we seen the death of New Labour; was it a shock that Lord Prescott didn’t become Labour treasurer, or is it further evidence of Union influence; is there any irony that the leaders of the three main political parties are young(ish) fresh faced white males; wasn’t the selection of Ken Livingstone to take on Boris always going to happen and doesn’t Boris have to portray himself as independent of the party.

To listen to the podcast click the play button above.

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ComRes podcast on the London Mayoral election to come

Andrew Hawkins from ComRes gave UK Political Radio an exclusive inteview following the selection of Ken Livingstone as Labour’s candidate.


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