life's a beach

Terrible weather here on New Year’s Eve!


new years resolution

Sitting in bed listening to the waves crash below my balcony it is in a somewhat relaxed mood that I can look forward to 2008.

I have to say that I really hate all the programmes which always look back at the previous year. In some ways the whole process of looking back can be quite depressing, and I much prefer to look forward to the year ahead. I’m all for a Sinatra attitude to life – regrets – a few, but too few to mention.

As for me, I’m not really into making New Years Resolutions. I remember one of my previous employers launching a big marketing campaign to "Change One Thing" starting January 1st to make yourself healthier in some way – so in that respect I think I will continue in my quest to get a little bit slimmer, a little bit thinner so I can do this, but most of all I think I’d like to continue to be heathy and happy in the coming year.

Anything more than that has to be a bonus really.

I wonder whether any of our politicians will be making resolutions?

Will the Labour party finally resolve to stop using the line "its 18 years of Tory rule" to try to excuse any of their failings? And  do any fellow bloggers have any particularly interesting resolutions? I will be sure to look out to see if the likes of Dizzy, Ellee, Iain Dale, Donal Blaney, ConservativeHome and the excellent writers at the Spectators Coffee House can enlighten us as to what they will be doing differently in 2008.

As I am currently six hours behind UK time I thought I would get in early to wish all Tory Radio listeners a Happy New Year. I hope we provided a bit of enjoyment in 2007, and hope you will continue to "tune in" in 2008!



Merry Christmas

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The Queen is apparently "broadcasting" her Christmas message on Youtube, so I thought I’d give you an amusing little piece of audio as a Christmas treat.

Tony Capstick was a local DJ on Radio Sheffield during my childhood, and his son also went to my school. He recorded a few pieces of comedy before his untimely death – and this is one of my favourites.

As I’m currently in the States it brings back a few memories of Christmas in Chesterfield when I was growing up. OK – it wasn’t that bad, and it makes me laugh anyway.

Have a brilliant Christmas and thanks for listening in over the past year!

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tory radio on tour


I am currently sitting in a beach house overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. The sun is just about to set and the tempetature is a comfortable 65. Merry Christmas from Tory Radio.


calamity makes acceptance speech

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Whilst this isn’t it is the season of goodwill to all men, women, and even Lib Dems, so for your "enjoyment" here is Nick Cleggs speech following his victory in the Lib Dem leadership content.

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And for any Lib Dems visiting who want to do something extremely charitable, whilst also ensuring that this Tory really will suffer some pain, just visit this link.

clegg with a 511 majority

Nick Clegg becomes leader of the Lib Dems securing 20,988 votes compared to the 20,477 secured by Chris Huhne.

I have to say that given the Lib Dems see themselves as a major force inUK politics, the fact that it only takes around 21,000 votes for you to become party leader does strike me as very interesting.

I suspect there will be sound defeated Parliamentary candidates that got more votes in a single constiuency than that.

Interesting times ahead.

no political correctness here

Radio 1 may want to edit this song. We think its a good song just as it is.

We will also be wishing people a MERRY CHRISTMAS too and won’t be using the awful HAPPY HOLIDAYS phrase that seems to be creeping in. Though whether Santa will be able to deliver all those presents is another matter. The Carbon emissions from his new sleigh is just appalling!