Exclusive:- New Conservative election poster!


Labour isn't working

Labour isn't working

Well it’s not a new one at all is it. It was first launched in 1978, however given the awful news on unemployement today it seems fairly appropriate to where we currently are!

UPDATE:- It appears the BBC have featured this iconic poster on their 6:00pm bulletin. Of course still no need for Mr Brown to apologise!

2 Responses to Exclusive:- New Conservative election poster!

  1. Judi Hewitt says:

    Perhap’s the poster should have included , Conservatives, you can count on them to take you to the dogs!.

    • editor says:

      Keep convincing yourself of that. Surprised Labour isnt trying the 18 years of Tory rule line with regards the current mess we are in. every Labour Government has left office with unemployment higher than when it took office. Blair wanted a legacy…. yet Brown is leaving generations with a shameful one.

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