I am actually here sitting in Portcullis House having experimented with logging on with a Wireless Network (Called Surf and Sip of all things) – and it actually works!! Not sure I will be allowed to take the laptop on honeymoon mind you!

After the initial great response about the idea for Tory Radio – both from MPs and the media alike its time to get down to some hard work.

This involves formulating how the show will work, drafting a mission and vision etc (boring I know) and more importantly coming up with ideas to make this initiative self funding.

If you have any suggestions on this do let me know at

This is your podcast – so make your voice heard!


Interviews Confirmed

It looks as though the first edition of Tory radio will include an interview with a senior politician from the Cameron administration. Make sure you register your interest so you don't miss our first podcast!

Email: for more information

A Big Thank You

"" A big thank you to for publishing a very kind piece about the "Tory Radio" project. In spite of Tory Radio only being in its formulative stages, we are getting interest from all quarters so all bodes very well.

If you want to sign up – or know more please get in touch:- 

Counting down to launch day

On The Air Following the positive press coverage Ive been asked what the next steps for "Tory Radio" are.

Well I have a little matter of a wedding to attend on Saturday (well mine actually) followed by a much deserved honeymoon.

What that means is that "Tory Radio" is likely to go "on air" at some point in mid to late March.

Guardian Go (Radio) Ga Ga over the Tories

Well not quite – but they did at least give some coverage to Tory Radio – so thanks for that.

Hugh Muir writes:

"There comes a time when every invention comes into its own. Radar in the second world war; television during the coronation. Rejoice, then, about a meaningful use for the MP3 player with the advent of Tory Radio, a weekly podcast of interviews and news covering the progress of the Cameroonian revolution. It will be informative and modern, incisive and modern, provocative and … well you know. This is surely what the iPod was destined for. Think about wandering down a country lane as John Redwood explains macroeconomics. Sheer bliss."