Webcameron – some advice

Well he's only gone and done it. He's gone and got a blog! I am sure there are going to be lots of critics who will suggest the fact that Cameron has decided to launch another blog is an attempt at 'all spin and no substance' but I have to disagree.

Firstly I think Cameron should be given an immense amount of credit (as indeed Francis Maude should) for embracing this new technology. Its a great way of getting your message directly across to the people.

But that has it's drawbacks – especially if you are the leader of a political party and indeed a Prime Minister in waiting.

I'm sure he doens't need my advice – but here is seven point plan that I hope will be of use. 

  1. Don't let your blog just show things when they go well. You will get setbacks – as everyone does in life – and people will want to see them. That will make your blog more realistic and readable.
  2. Top marks for allowing comments – but don't just let the comments be the positive ones. People won't believe the blog if that's all they see. You can't allow it to become just a propoganda tool.
  3. Make sure you ENGAGE with the comments people make. It's a great way of getting new ideas – and has to be a much better way at finding out what people thing – than some of the sham consultations the current government currently undertake.
  4. Blogging takes up a considerable amount of time – are you ready to make sure its updated at least once a day – hopefully more?
  5. Are you prepared to annoy the mainstream media? If you put an exclusive on your blog won't that upset the Times are the Telegraph? Are you going to make your blog THE place to find out what is going on? I hope so.
  6. Interact with other bloggers – they can be good friends – and can really help get your message across.
  7. Don't imitate others. There are many blogs out there with a niche of their own. Don't copy what's already out there.

GOOD LUCK – and keep us posted!



David Cameron enters the blogging world!

David Cameron has launched his own new blog complete with video clips and the opportunity for readers to submit their own comments!

Make sure you take a look by visiting the link here.

According to DC, "It's not a gimmick at all. I'm going to give a lot of time to it,"

A great initiative!

Can't wait to see what David will blog during conference while in Bournemouth where Tory Radio will lining up a few podcasts!

Ageism solved – or political correctness now gone mad?

Now Im all for hiring the best person man or woman of any age for the job, but are the new age laws about to come into force a step too far? Football clubs offer shorter contracts to players in their 30s. Is that discriminatory?

Companies ask for 5 years of experience. Is that discriminatory to young people. Well maybe – but surely if you want someone with 5 years experience thats what you should ask for?

Can someone tell me that my concerns are misplaced and its just about making sure those people who are young, and older people will now be given a fairer crack of the whip?


Want to work for David Cameron?

The Guardian have a great job advertised (yes I know – The Guardian) for the position of private secretary for the Leader's Office.

Click here for more details

The successful applicant will be responsible key correspondence work on behalf of the Leader and also acts as Secretary to the Shadow Cabinet. In addition the Private Secretary ensures the smooth running of the Leader's Private Office (including input to the Leader's diary), ensures that correspondence teams run effectively and is responsible for helping the Chief of Staff to manage the office budget.


Tony Blair parody

Now this is amusing – and full marks to the chap who made it!

Millbank move confirmed

I'm sure quite a few staffers at CCHQ won't be too displeased about leaving Victoria Street! According to the press release put out tonight:-

The Conservative Party announced today that it is to move Conservative Campaign Headquarters (CCHQ) from its current location of 25 Victoria Street to No. 30, Millbank, following the expiry of its existing lease.

• The move to No. 30 will take place next year, before the lease for 25 Victoria Street expires in March 2007.
• CCHQ will rent approximately 16,000 sq foot of office space, similar to its current requirements. The Party will occupy the 3rd floor of No. 30.
• All staff currently based in Victoria Street will continue to be based in CCHQ at the new location.
• Current occupants of No. 30 include the Department for Constitutional Affairs, steel-maker Corus and the charity Leonard Cheshire. The purpose-built office block is well placed for Parliament and the No. 4 Millbank TV studios.
• The Party continues to own 32 Smith Square, having recently purchased the freehold of Smith Square and the adjoining 67 Tufton Street, and is continuing to review options on its future use.

Separated at birth?

Has anyone noticed the similarities with between Swiss Tony in the sunglasses and Alan Johnson with the tash (or is it the other way around)?

One can almost imagine the conversation Johnson may have had with the Chancellor….

"Well Gordon, being Prime Minister is like making love to a beautiful woman….."

Bill Clinton and my wife – EXCLUSIVE

Bill Clinton is due to say extremely nice things about Tony later today, but I can reveal the shocking truth of what happended on Monday. My wife who commutes to London was making her way to Kings Cross from where she works in Green park. I beleive she was heading along Piccadily when she came across a crowd of people next to a Starbucks. Mrs Sheppard isn't one to be deterred, so she duckde under someones shoulder to get through the crowd, and who should she bumb into – literally – but Slick Willy. Pleasantries were exchanged – luckily Mrs Sheppard isn't a fan of coffee, or ex Presidents for that matter!

Will this be Blair's Conference backdrop?

Challenge the Chairman Part 3

In conjunction with ConservativeHome, Tory Radio will be conducting its third Challenge the Chairman podcast with Francis Maude. If you have a question for Francis please leave it in the comments below, or email

Hopefully the interview will take place at the party conference, so get those questions in!