The first "special one"?

I’ve just watched a great programme about the life of Brian Clough. Coming from the East Midlands, and having worked in Nottingham for a good few years in my career you certainly came across a few Forest fans.

My 1979 Forest shirt

My 1979 Forest shirt

In fact I still have my 1979 Nottingham Forest shirt which would fit any normal sized 4 year old – but not this 33 year old. Having supported Chelsea since I was a kid I guess Mourhino is the modern day equivalent of Clough. Someone who spoke his mind and was happy to take on a clubs hierarchy. I guess people forget that there was someone doing just that 30 years ago, who could turn what has been described as a provincial team, into world beaters, and someone who did it two years on the trot.

The documentary isn’t online yet, but a Calendar special is, with Don Revie and Brian clough, and some bloke called Austin Mitchell who just happens to be a Labour MP these days.

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