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Get on your bike, bus, or maybe just off your bum

I have to say that if we want to talk “fairness” and people keep talking about that I don’t see why its fair someone should get £20k in housing benefit so they can live in London.

I cant afford London. That why the two people that make up my family unit have around a 250 mile round trip commute to London, so that we can afford a property that suits us at a price we (as opposed to other taxpayers) can afford.

Should I expect taxpayers to subsidise my housing, or maybe because I have such a long commute they could subsidise that for me? Alternatively maybe just maybe  the principle of fairness would dictate that hard working people really shouldn’t be expected to subsidise my lifestyle choice.

Seven Days Show 46


Episode 46 of The Seven Days Show is online. In the Show this week we talk about Widdie and her Strictly come dancing entrance (how could you not). Onto the serious issues of the week we look at the Strategic Defence Review; whether delaying Trident was a sop to the Lib Dems; The Comprehensive Spending Review; was it really anti women; whether cutting Council spending is a good thing; whether cutting jobs in the public sector is something the private sector is continuously doing; is Alan Johnson a weak link for Labour; what is fair about taxes; and finally how right IDS was to say people can get a bus to go and find a job.

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All this talk of fairness

Not that long ago I wrote that it was very dangerous to invoke the word fairness when talking about tax or indeed many a political debate. The reason is that what is fair for one person seems really unfair for another.

 I am now getting slightly weary about the debate about whether the changes (which let’s not forget need to be made) or fair or not.

 Is it fair that next door there is the exact same house as what I reside in yet because they have 3 kids they get much more bang for their council tax buck? Is it fair that they have had child benefit for years when we have currently chosen not to have kids even though they clearly don’t need the money?

Is it fair that my wife and I both chose to get off our back sides and in an effort to get good jobs decide to commute around 250 miles a day? Is it fair that by doing this the £8,000 cost each will rise 3% plus RPI?

Is it fair that to get that better job I took myself out of the jobs market by studying after leaving school rather than taking a job?

Is it fair that people of my Nanas age who have saved rather than spent would have had their house taken off them to pay for long term care, yet those who have been less frugal would get looked after?

Is it fair that my wife’s grandmother is surrounded by families in her housing association maisonette who have never gone out to work, yet look fitter than she has been for many years, and seemingly have a better standard of living to someone who has paid into the system all her life?

Fairness is not always about ability to pay. Fairness is not all about equality of outcome. I could easily have put myself in a position where I could not afford certain things.  I could spend all my money, never have saved, never have gone without, and then expect the state to look after me, but do you know why I haven’t done that. Well it just doesn’t seem fair!

What do you think? Let us know in the comments as we will discuss this issue in The Seven Days Show on Sunday.


Prime Minister's Questions podcast


With the spotlight focusing on the Spending Review you could be forgiven for thinking PMQs hadn’t take place today. Did David Cameron win the day or was Ed Miliband on form during his second outing?

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Opposition responds to the CSR


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Podcast of Chancellors Statement from the CSR


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