Every penny counts!

I have just be told a story from a Member of Parliament who clearly knows a thing or two about making every penny count.

Apparently before steering wheel locks were common place he worked out he could turn the engine off half a mile before his drive way and coast all the way home, and what’s more, that’s exactly what he did.

Now there’s a man who should be put in charge of finding waste in Government. I bet you can guess what county his constituency is is!

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4 Responses to Every penny counts!

  1. essexgirl1 says:

    oh my is this in bright blue for you too immpossible to read im afraid

  2. Jose says:

    Also turn your engine off going downhill……and keep the missus away from the shops!

  3. redkite says:

    wonder how often he changed his brake pads, much cheaper than all that petrol eh . . .

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