Ginger Rodent comment anti Scottish?

So Harman has called Danny Alexander a ginger rodent. As insults go I’ve heard worse that’s for sure. What I found sightly ridiculous was a radio report that apparently the SNP have said the comment is actually anti Scottish because there is a higher propensity for ginger hair in Scotland.

Oh grow up. It isn’t a nice thing to say but what are the SNP on about. Would it be true (and I base this on no statistical evidence whatsoever) to say any fat joke is anti Scottish due to the propensity for fried Mars Bars? (Yes gross stereotyping… but you get my drift).

Stick and stones, sticks and stones.

Update:- My wife is a natural blonde. Yes true. I remember one of those blonde jokes which went along the lines of, How do you keep a blonde busy? Write please turn over on both sides of a piece of paper! Get it get it?? OK bad joke and my wife would probably punch me where you can’t see the bruises, but would I be guilty of showing offence to the people of Scandanavia who have a higher propensity for blonde hair?

2 Responses to Ginger Rodent comment anti Scottish?

  1. Conand says:

    I can't really agree JS. I thought it did come across slightly as if she was calling gingers rodents. #NastieHattie was crass and incredibly politically inept.

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