EU budget pegged at 2.9 percent – we are not amused

I just don’t know how a rise can be justified when every family in every walk of life will be facing belt tightening. I know my train fare will go up around 10%. I know I will not get any increase in what I earn. I work for myself. The argument that this is a success because it could have been a 6% rise is the same arguments that Unions use when going through their pay negotiations. Lets ask for 20% then we can negotiate downwards.

Someone justify to me why the EU should get MORE money. Tell me why British taxpayers should give a penny MORE to the EU. Please.. someone??

2 Responses to EU budget pegged at 2.9 percent – we are not amused

  1. Jose says:

    Cameron talked a 'good fight' before leaving for Brussels but we all know it was a done deal; the question is where will it be between 2.9% and 5.9%?
    The truth is we shouldn't be paying what we pay now let alone more! Those Eurpoeans who stand to lose as a result then accuse us of being 'anti-European'.
    The best thing that Cameron can do is actually breach some contribution rules like not pay anything for 3 months. If he thinks the French or the Germans will be on his side without some evidence of UK action then he's deluded!
    In answer to your question, you'll have to find someone who wholeheartedly is an EU fan!

  2. operanut1972 says:

    I agree that unilateral action is needed and needed now. I prefer the most heinous of protest, one that would get us kicked out, for good. Europe can keep Baroness Ashford, empire grabbing trull that she is!

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