Iain Dale disgusts me!



Not the man himself, but what I learn is happening today.

I have never been a proponent of letting the Youth Parliament sit on the Green Benches in the Commons. Call me a traditionalist but I believe you have to earn the right to speak in the Commons, and you do that by getting yourself elected as a Member of Parliament.

Putting that issue in itself to one side I will use more emotive and passionate words than Iain. I am left with a funny taste in my mouth to learn that a Member of the Youth Parliament representing Sinn Fein will be allowed to speak in the Commons and do it in Gaelic. If (and Iain is right to say if) it is true that this has been allowed by the Speaker then either way, Sinn Fein have been granted a superb publicity coup.

If he speaks in the Chamber in Gaelic (and god knows what will be said) I think it very newsworthy. I frankly don’t want it to happen – and if he isn’t allowed to, then guess what – another publicity coup!

A few years ago I interviewed Lord Tebbit and asked him if he had one regret. He said yes – he had planned to leave the Brighton conference a day earlier than he did, and we all know what happened.

Only a few days ago, a Tory Councillor was suspended for dressing up like Hitler at a private party. Today we are allowing someone who dresses up in a rather unique way to speak in the Mother of Parliaments. Hmmmm.

He cannot forgive the IRA and the views espoused by Sinn Fein – and I’m not sure I can either.

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