Broken Windows policing please.. that will tackle the yobs!

Not that long ago I wrote that ASBOs were not the answer. I also wrote that the police need to adopt boken windows policing, as by concentrating on the little things, it will help cut the bigger more serious crimes.

Parents have stopped disciplining kids if my own neighbourhood is anything to go by, and then when you report what some would regard as small scale anti social behaviour – right up to property crime the police have shown zero instances in individual cases I myself can quote.

Now we learn that the forces own watchdog is suggesting the police have lost control of the street. To use a quote about a famous detective…. no sh*t Sherlock!

How many times does it need to be said. The law abiding majority want the police to clamp down on small scale crimes. That includes graffiti, that includes yobs on uninsured motorcycles, and that includes damage to personal property. Stamp down on the seemingly petty crimes and you can start addressing some of the larger issues.

But it’s OK for me to say it. It may be a harder thing to do it. This is still why I support locally elected police commissioners, because that may be the only way to get a responsive police force that will deliver a service that meets the needs of the local community.


Been there done that….

I just listened to Vince Cables speech to Lib Dem conference. For many years I attended all the party conferences, so unlike many I have seen Lib Dem Conferences in action. I absolutely appreciate that at time a conference speech has to appeal to party members. I also appreciate that within the coalition you have two distinctive parties. What worries me is when Members of a Cabinet say things that for me are quite worrying.

If a Lib Dem backbencher critcisises Government policy that’s fine. They aren’t bound by Collective Cabinet responsibility. When you are in Cabinet the rules are different (unless some people have a free pass to sound off?).

Cable has recently felt it appropriate to criticise Government immigration policy. Personally I think it quite dangerous to be so openly critical when being a Member of the Cabinet.

Today he said something in his speech which seemed just a little strange. Please correct me if I heard it wrong, but when talking about the future of our economy and having mentioned banking he used the phrase “been there done that”. What? You as Business Secretary are saying that banking and financial services have had their day? What are you on about? Are you dismissing the contribution financial services and the City of London make to our economy, and will continue making to our economy? Frankly if you don’t want it I bet Frankfurt would jump at having the business.

Come on Vincent. You can bank bash all you like, but do not portray banking and financial services as a yesterdays industry in one dismissive sound bite to please you members.

(And I haven’t even mentioned your comment that capitalism kills competition comment!)

In praise of entrepreneurship and hard work, and people who pay their fair share

In the latest episode of The Seven Days show Iain Dale and  discussed what the phrase “your fair share” meant when relating to paying tax and the often used phrase that the “rich” should pay their fair share.

I used the example that  if the rate of tax you paid was the same for the first pound you earned as the last pound and if you were at a 40% rate, someone earning £100,000 would be contributing £40,000 to the Exchequer. By the same rules if you earned say £20,000 and the tax rate was 20% you would be contributing £4,000.

Simplistic and not wholly accurate figures yes, but to me it shows that if you use the phrase, “your fair share” then people who are seen as high earners actually pay their fair share and then some.

Then that of course brings me onto the subject of my podcasting partner Mr Dale. I have known Iain  since 1997. In that time he has always seemed to be doing about 5 different things at once. Only this week he has started what for some would be a full time job, having a permanent gig on a radio station, combined with running a successful blog, combined with running a publishing company which in itself employs several people, combined with appearing regular on regular media outlets. Some would say that he now has a portfolio career. I would suggest that he works extremely hard and don’t know how he finds enough hours in the day. This isn’t an Iain Dale love in. He has his faults. He supports West Ham for gods sake. But I would find it hard pressed to find evidence from even his worst detractor which would question his work ethic. I have no idea what he  earns. I hop he is handsomely rewarded. But if he is, then he already pays his fair share in tax.

There are many people up and down the country like Iain. They work many hours, and equally important, they who take personal risks. They may have mortgaged their house to back their business. They may have had to put work befor personal relationships. They may be  responsible for employing many people who themselves contribute money to the economy. They are the people who the recovery will be built on.

And do you know what. They already pay their fair share.

Seven Days Show with @iaindale now on @toryradio


The latest edition of The Seven Days Show (episode 41) is now online. In the show this week we spoke about the possibility of an electoral pact as suggested by Nick Boles; Lord Ashcroft’s new book and whether he will remain involved in politics; whether collective responsibility applies to Lib Dem Ministers; if not having a Queen’s Speech next year is undemocratic; whether fixed term Parliaments are a good thing; whether Andy Burnham spoke the truth about cuts on Question Time this week; who will win the Labour leadership election; whether tax avoidance is bad; thoughts  on the visit of the Pope; Iain’s new LBC job; and how when Iain’s Conference get together is.

Also don’t miss the exclusive story of the attacking squirrels and Iain’s speculation about a certain politician and their knickers.

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Why a pact just isn't on

We have all read about proposals for a pact between the Tories and Lib Dems at the next election. Thankfully, or should I say hopefully they are being given short shrift. Firstly lets take the policy previously adopted by CCHQ demanding that Tory candidates fight every seat (locally) even if standing aside could have let say an independent in and handed control of a Council into Tory hands. I hardly think that policy fits in well with an electoral pact whereby a Tory PPC would be asked to stand aside if a Lib Dem is more likely to win a seat.

But lets take the town I was born in.. Chestefield. It is very clear that the Tory candidate who increased their vote probably cost the Lib Dem’s that seat. Yet is that a bad thing? For you see I know Paul Holmes and he has told me he is to the left of the Labour party. If there had been a pact you are essentially saying a Tory should stand aside to let someone more left wing than the Labour party win? Sorry, but that’s not why I joined the Tory party 16 years ago.

There are of course there seats just like this where the Lib Dem may well be further to the left of the Labour candidate or MP and we should consider a situation where we make it easier for them to win? Surely not.

Finally hasn’t it dawned on anyone that if a Tory stood down you are more than likely going to get someone else stand to mop up the vote the Tory may have got, so all your efforts will have been for nothing, with the only result being your have taken away the right of local people to vote for a Conservative.

Personally I cant see many Lib Dems wanting to stand aside to give a Tory a free run just as I cant see many Tories want to give a Lib Dem a free run at the next General Election. As is constantly pointed out, we are separate parties with different views an long may that continue.

Andy Burnham speaks the truth on #bbcqt

“Lets get some honesty in this debate. There would have be significant spending cuts under Labour, and there would have been job losses under Labour so lets get some honesty in this debate at the beginning.”