David Miliband has to go

That’s not my advice as a Tory who would gleefully rub his hands together at the loss of a great talent in the Labour party. It is a simple piece of advice given the situation the two Miliband brothers have gotten themselves into.

As soon as they both took the decision to go for the top job they really must have realised that it could well end as it has now. For so long it looked as if David would be the one crowned Labour leader, but even in that situation, if Miliband minor had come second could it work?

The whole Labour conference hasn’t been dominated by Ed’s victory – but about what brother David will do next. If David sticks around do we think that situation will change? No, as the media is fascinated by having two brothers who actually have different views on things jostling within the same party.

That is why David could never be Shadow Chancellor or even Shadow Foreign Secretary while his brother is leader. He would either have to agree with everything his brother said as leader, which frankly  we know he does not, or fight his corner which would play right into the hands of the media.

So David is damned to silence and collective responsibility, or he could speak out and perhaps do irreparable damage to his brother’s leadership.

For that reason there is only one option. It isn’t the selfish option of someone who because they didn’t win the top prize is not playing and taking their ball home with them. It is the action of a brother who knows if he stays in politics it can only damage the electoral chances of his brother. David Miliband has to leave front line politics

6 Responses to David Miliband has to go

  1. operanut1972 says:

    That is a reasoned bit of thinking. I for one doubt that this will take place though, as it is a case of damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. I suspect there is a lot of advice being offered and none of it will be the same. The labour party has shown it's true colours once again, and unless Ed distances himself properly from the Unions, Labour can kiss re-election good bye for a while. Yes today's poll shows support for the party higher than the Conservatives right now, but I suspect that after conference season has finished that the polls will mean more.

  2. keynesianism says:

    I'm amazed how often parties seem to pick the wrong leader. The conservatives arguably did it on more than one occasion whilst in opposition and I fear that Labour has done it here. I'm sure that the conservatives prefer the Milliband that they have got but only time will prove how effective ED will be in opposition. Frankly if the austerity budget does work and the IMF are correct I can see the labour party in opposition for some considerable time, not even another Blair in his younger days could turn it around.

  3. Writeangle says:

    He will not be part of the cabinet and quite possibly may not remain in parliament in the longer term. Ed Miliband is liked by Kinnock, Tony Benn, and the unions. A more perfect recipe for spending a decade or two in the wilderness would be hard to find. Perhaps Dave Miliband realizes this and will look for a new role outside of politics rather than remain in opposition for a decade or two especially now that the job he wanted will be no longer available for many many years..

  4. Is there a job for him in Coalition Government?
    My recent post My David Miliband Next Job Theory

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