Been there done that….

I just listened to Vince Cables speech to Lib Dem conference. For many years I attended all the party conferences, so unlike many I have seen Lib Dem Conferences in action. I absolutely appreciate that at time a conference speech has to appeal to party members. I also appreciate that within the coalition you have two distinctive parties. What worries me is when Members of a Cabinet say things that for me are quite worrying.

If a Lib Dem backbencher critcisises Government policy that’s fine. They aren’t bound by Collective Cabinet responsibility. When you are in Cabinet the rules are different (unless some people have a free pass to sound off?).

Cable has recently felt it appropriate to criticise Government immigration policy. Personally I think it quite dangerous to be so openly critical when being a Member of the Cabinet.

Today he said something in his speech which seemed just a little strange. Please correct me if I heard it wrong, but when talking about the future of our economy and having mentioned banking he used the phrase “been there done that”. What? You as Business Secretary are saying that banking and financial services have had their day? What are you on about? Are you dismissing the contribution financial services and the City of London make to our economy, and will continue making to our economy? Frankly if you don’t want it I bet Frankfurt would jump at having the business.

Come on Vincent. You can bank bash all you like, but do not portray banking and financial services as a yesterdays industry in one dismissive sound bite to please you members.

(And I haven’t even mentioned your comment that capitalism kills competition comment!)

4 Responses to Been there done that….

  1. keynesianism says:

    So being part of a coalition government with the conservatives means that you must abandon your views on immigration and adopt the conservative one or keep your mouth shut. As for capaitalism what about Retail food, banking, alcohol, digital TV, Cars, newspapers etc? They are all Oligopoplies or monopolies which is of course the natural end product of unregulated capitalism.

    • toryradio says:

      Being in the Cabinet means you should abide by collective responsibility and if you cant resign and argue your case outside Cabinet I would suggest….

      LOL – no monopolies under Communist state control either. My god some of them even have elections.. shame they just have one candidate and one party.

    • operanut1972 says:

      Surely his responsibility to stable governance must come into play here? As a cabinet member he should stick to the cabinet line. In an ideal world he would be able to make these remarks and not do harm to the coalition, but smaller issues have been know to bring Coalitions down, do we really want to head back to the polls again? I don' think the Lib Dems would come out of it that well!

  2. keynesianism says:

    Take your point about collective responsibility but more difficult to enforce "The party line" in a coalition.

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