Broken Windows policing please.. that will tackle the yobs!

Not that long ago I wrote that ASBOs were not the answer. I also wrote that the police need to adopt boken windows policing, as by concentrating on the little things, it will help cut the bigger more serious crimes.

Parents have stopped disciplining kids if my own neighbourhood is anything to go by, and then when you report what some would regard as small scale anti social behaviour – right up to property crime the police have shown zero instances in individual cases I myself can quote.

Now we learn that the forces own watchdog is suggesting the police have lost control of the street. To use a quote about a famous detective…. no sh*t Sherlock!

How many times does it need to be said. The law abiding majority want the police to clamp down on small scale crimes. That includes graffiti, that includes yobs on uninsured motorcycles, and that includes damage to personal property. Stamp down on the seemingly petty crimes and you can start addressing some of the larger issues.

But it’s OK for me to say it. It may be a harder thing to do it. This is still why I support locally elected police commissioners, because that may be the only way to get a responsive police force that will deliver a service that meets the needs of the local community.

3 Responses to Broken Windows policing please.. that will tackle the yobs!

  1. keynesianism says:

    I agree with many of your comments, anti social behaviour is a problem and causes misery to countless people, in extreme cases leading to suicide. Is it not just a question of a) resources and b) policing methods? As I have said before on this blog the police spend far too much time in paperwork and procedure to comply with the PC brigade. NO amount of paperwork can substitute for a police officer clearing a load of yobs and making clear future consequences if they fail to comply.

    • toryradio says:

      Yes I think it is.Its about making sure resources are in the right place. I am sure I read a stat that said at certain times only 1 in 10 police officers are actually "on the beat". What's that all about?

      I was always against local police commissioners – but if that is the only way we can make local forces accountable to the law abiding majority who frankly are crying out for proper policing then lets have it right now.

  2. keynesianism says:

    A colleague at work today described being awoken twice at 4.00 am this week by noise coming from a rat’s nest, a group of people who have recently moved in opposite him. He alleges that they do not appear to work but enjoy drink and possibly illegal drugs at the expense of others in the street. He intends to take steps to rectify the problem by speaking to others in the community to establish a collective concern. A “Big Society” kind of move but I don’t envy him or fancy his chances.

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