Where are you?

So Iain Dale tells us that possibly thousands of people have applied to go on the candidates list.

As someone already on it, and who has fought a General Election campaign in the past I personally would launch a (not like Delia Smith) appeal that says, ” Where are ya”. The first question I would ask potential candidates is what did you do to help the Conservatives win the European and County Council Elections?


There is still plenty of time to get invovled…. so where are you?

8 Responses to Where are you?

  1. No knocking Delia Smith -she’s one of Norwich City’s finest….

  2. Deborah says:

    Time served working for the party in the past might earn brownie points in the selection game, but should not be a requirement. Many good people who have been applying their talents in other public-spirited ways are put off by party tribalism like this.
    Look forward not back – what do these potential candidates offer in the future?

    • editor says:

      Deborah, if a candidate expects others to help them in a General Election campaign, do you not think any local party will ask what have they done at all in the past to support this future vision of Conservatism, or will they all just convert after June 5th? Many good people apply their talents in public spirited ways, and also find time to support other colleagues who want to serve on a local and indeed national stage.

  3. Ghengis McCann says:

    Where am I? Shoving your leaflets through doors in Gateford!

  4. winston churchill says:

    Surely the whole point of CMD’s call for new candidates was that they were from outside the party.

  5. editor says:

    Winston – yes people will come from outsid of the party – but to stand you will have to be part of the party. If you apply to join now, I am asking why don’t they show commitment going forward and help out in the important elections taking place now.

    They will want the support of Conservative members and councillors come a general election, and what better way to get that, than by going out and doing something.

    Leaflet deliveries anyone?

  6. The thing was about that day at Carrow Road that Delia and a lot of club people had been at the ground since 11am when a new car dealership was having a reception at the ground. Rumour has it that the alcohol was flowing, which my explain why she called us all the best “susporters in the world”, and yes I do mean “Susporters”.

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