Mobility scooters for all?

It being bank holiday Monday, we decided to have a trip over to Lincoln to do a bit of shopping. No one can have failed to notice the propensity of mobility scooters that are now zooming up and down the pavements of our high streets. Now I am not one of those people who think the things are awful. Undoubtedly they have changed the lives of thousands of people by giving them back their freedom when they may well have become housebound, and unable to get around.

What really worries me is that people who may well be just, well what can I say, lazy, are starting to use them as they cant be bothered to walk around town. Today I witnessed a rather over weight woman zoom past me (shouldn’t they have a maximum speed) before pulling up at a newsagents. Now I could be completely mis-judging her, but the way she jumped up and strolled into the newsagents made me think there wasn’t much wrong wth her, and that far from needing a mobility scooter, a bit of exercise may well keep her in rude health, rather than relying on her battery powered scooter.

Obvioulsy is someone wants to use a mobility scooter there isn’t much anyone can do. But if they are using it because they get out of puff walking around, perhaps it isnt the best medicine that should be prescribed.

2 Responses to Mobility scooters for all?

  1. Ouch says:

    mmmm Just to put a different perspective on this. I have a wheelchair – in the first few weeks of going out in it a lady grabbed my head – then talked to me very s-l-o-wly and asked how I was; leaving me for perhaps the first time in my life speechless. If you knew me you’d understand the irony therein.
    Ok, end of wheelchair, and now I don’t leave the house for weeks at a time. Its easy to judge people – and yes I take the point you can buy these things and whiz away in them. But, not everyone is like that, and sometimes it takes a whole lot of courage to just get out. A few weeks ago we crossed the road and someone shouted spa***** from a passing car – nice! I would so love to have bashed the car with my stick, but the person would prob have stopped and stabbed us.
    My partner can’t push the wheelchair as he is disabled too, I can’t pull the wheels as my hands are now bad, I never thought I’d be in this position.

    • editor says:

      I think you kind of prove my point. Mobility scooters are wonderful inventions for people who really need them. My 86 year old grandmother would really benefit from one. However, they are being used by some rather inappropriately in my humble opinion.

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