They don't like it up em… do they

Thanks for the visit Mr Prime Minister

Thanks for the visit Mr Prime Minister

You would think that in a County Council division where candidates on the left of the political spectrum got over 70% of the vote at the last election, the Labour party would have nothing to worry about and would coast to victory.

Well maybe they will… then again maybe they wont. Take a certain ward in Nottinghamshire. In their first leaflet they put out a piece on literature proudly having Labour printed all over it. Even the legal imprint read on behalf of The Labour party.

Following the effective campaign from the Conservative side, it now appears the Labour party must be worried. Why do I say that. Well their second leaflet suddenly is green in colour, doesn’t mention the Labour party, even on the imprint. Surely they aren’t ashamed to be representing the Labour party are they?

Not only that, they accuse their Conservative opponent of not living in the division (whilst failing to mention their candidate doesn’t either) and point out (factually incorrectly) that the Conservative candidate is employed by an MP.

As you’ve guesss – the Conservative candidate is me. I run my own company based in Notts, and since 2001 have volunteered for Andrew Turner MP, but am in no uncertain circumstances employed by him. In fact I have a letter that quite clearly points that out from the House of Commons dated over a year ago… but I really don’t think the good people of Worksop will be fooled by this nonesense.

But things get better. Labour are that desperate to pull the wool over the eyes of local people, that they drag the Prime Minister away from making phone calls enquiring about the well being of talent show competitors to visit the division.

The problem is, I don’t think anyone has told Gordon Brown – he isn’t, has never been, and never will be, an electoral asset. So whilst the PM distracted the local Labour party, we got on with talking to the electorate, and by god they aren’t happy with the Government. First Labour controlled the local authority….. and we took that off them. They currently control the County Council, and in a few days time we will take that too, and there’s nothing a visit from Jonah Brown can do to stop that!

3 Responses to They don't like it up em… do they

  1. Ghengis McCann says:

    Jonah 🙂

  2. Ghengis McCann says:

    Balls to the Chancellor.

    Another Eejit with a defecit in Arithmetic.

    We should have Hazel Blears in No. 11. At least she knows how to maximise financial opportunities.

  3. Sterence says:

    Good luck for Thursday. They can throw as much muck as they like but it won’t clean their own record.

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