Energy companies taking advantage?

I am getting the feeling that certain energy companies are trying to take advantge of their customers by bumping up their monthly direct debit payments when there is no need.

Take our house for example. During the current quarter we used less gas than we did the previous quarter. We were in credit with the company yet we received a letter telling us that our monthly direct debit payments would be increasing by approximately 150%. A few calls later and we established that given we were in credit we would not be increasing our payments – and would look at the situation should our current payment programme not cover the amount we were using.

Funnily enough the same company had also written to my wifes Grandparents trying to bump up their monthly payments, in spite of them being £250 in credit. It must be great to have a business when even if you owe your customers money you feel it acceptable to ask for more money for something they haven’t yet used. The more people I speak to, the more I hear the same has happened to them Is this a concerted effort by the energy companies to get people paying money well in advance just in case people’s bills increase? Funny how they aren’t so quick at refunding money when you get in credit by a considerable amount.

I’m wondering when we will see gas prices falling (aren’t they linked to oil prices for some reason). I won’t hold my breath. 

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