Internet translation in under an hour

I remember when I first worked at the post office in a media relations capacity we were looking to have something translated from Swedish if my memory serves me correctly into English. It took an absolute age. First of all I had to track down various companies who might or might not be able to do the translation. Then I had to get quotes from each company, which included working out exactly how many words needed to be translated. Finally I had to get a timescale as to how long it would take to get the whole thing done. The cost was prohibitive and the timescale even more so. 

How the internet has changed things. Not only can you monitor parliament from anywhere in the world, but if you were looking to get something translated you can literally get it done within the hour from by going to somewhere like

The great thing is that  it can all be done online. All you have to do is upload whatever content you need translated. The task is then sent to a niche language specialist and its literally back with you in a matter of minutes – and under an hour on average. I wonder if it would work for some of John Prescott’s speeches?

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