Going Green – How Easy Is it?

 Everyone talks about going Green, however the Sheppard household have decided to take a few steps to see just how easy it actually is.

Now the first step I have taken is to purchase a wormery of all things. And what is a wormery. Well its pictured opposite, and comes complete with 500g of worms. Its purpose is to allow us to put some of our food waste (peelings, etc) to better use and get it turned into compost.

I have to say it really is quite interesting what you can and can't put in. Yes to egg shells. No to oranges – too acidic, and no grass cuttings as they heat up when they break down and could kill the worms.

We already have two big wheelie bins where we live – but interestingly neither of them will take grass cuttings – how bizarree.

Anyone interested in getting one of these "can o' worms" can do so here.

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