Tory Radio a "community national radio station"

Yesterday I took the decision to head into Westminster Hall to listen to a debate on Rural Post Offices. Always one who wants to be on time I actually got there early while there was a debate on Community Radio and Television taking place.

When I entered Westminster Hall my former opponent in Bassetlaw looked up at me and looked at his watch as if I had turned up too late. I thought what's all this about? Anyway – when the debate on Radio and Television had finished I had the chance to have a quick chat with him and he said Tory Radio had been mentioned. Now for a moment I thought he was pulling my leg.

But no, Ed Vaizey, blogging MP and Shadow DCMS Minister did mention this little website with the extract below:-

"One could argue also that Tory Radio is a community national radio station, catering for a particular community"

Given we have listeners abroad we could even claim to be international these days!

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