Peter Lyburn – Dunfermline West

 Peter Lyburn has spent all his life in the East of Scotland and is passionate about the area, he is currently involved with the family farming business near Coupar Angus and has a keen interest in all aspects of rural life. Peter’s work at the Scottish Parliament has ensured that he has a strong footing on the mechanics of the political process in Scotland; he spent for six months on the Conservative floor as a political researcher and is also a committee member of the conservative think tank ‘The Tuesday Club.’ Time spent debating at the latter was what encouraged him to take an early dive into politics, but the real inspiration came when Peter ran an election campaign for Boris Johnson MP. Boris was attempting to become rector of Edinburgh University and Peter ran what turned out to be a very high profile campaign. The unadulterated enthusiasm for Boris gave him a clear sign that politics can, and does, make a difference. Also heavily involved in charity work, Peter’s recent effort with FARM Africa lead to a donation of over £34,000 being made to aid in the development of African agriculture.

Chance of winning his seat: Fair

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