Racism or stupidity?

So the whole Abbotgate tweet has finally garnered an apology. Well an apology for any offence, not an apology for what was written. But let’s move on. I think politicians are very wary about talking about race and racisim. For me the interesting comments from twitter (yes there have been some) is the view by many that white people can’t be subjected to racism because they have all the power.

Absolute nonsense. You can have a non-white boss who could be racist. That’s why the same rule has to apply to everyone. Let’s be clear. There are white people who are racist. The last sentence is downright stupid because it is so obvious. But another stupid statement is Asian people can be racist and black people can be racist.

Do you think there is no racism between African Americans and Hispanics – of course there is. Now those who say racism can be defined by who has the power. Well some would say the white majority hold the power so Black on Hispanic racism doesn’t exist as neither hold the levers of wealth and power? Nonsense! I could regale tails of black people from African origin being racist about black people from a West Indian background – is that acceptable? No.

So from my perspective we shouldn’t accept comments that are racist from anyone should we? Maybe this is naive. Not as naive as the comments made by Diane Abbott though which at worst were racist and at best stupid – both of which are not qualities I would want in a possible future Minister.


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