Should Diane Abbott, Shadow Minister get away with writing this?

I make no judgement….

UPDATE:- No contrition….. clearly she stands by the comments!



10 Responses to Should Diane Abbott, Shadow Minister get away with writing this?

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  2. So making racist comments is justified if it provokes outrage amongst your political opponents? Remarkable.

  3. and @Aaron_Kiely claims to be ‘anti racist’ and yet they support denigrating comments being made about entire groups of people on the basis of their skin colour.

  4. Greg Cook says:

    Diane Abbott has plenty of form for this kind of behaviour. She is the unacceptable face of racist Britain.

  5. Span Ows says:

    “we should not play their game”


    “Black people don’t divide and rule; they just hack off limbs, rape, kill and eat the others”


    “I meant some black people in some parts of the world”.

  6. The claim that she was talking about 19th century colonialism is also patently nonsense. The # tag says tactics AS OLD as colonialism. She is talking about what (she claimed) white people are like now. She is using an historical racial stereotype (however true or false historically) to racially tar people now.


    Can you just read this. It’s short and the words are quite small. You should be OK. The two links are helpful too if you can cope with the complexity.

    It should allay all your concerns.

    • editor says:

      Already read it, already commented .. your point being?

      • perhaps you should try again?

        If your position is that racism is a list of definable actions regardless of who’s doing them or further context, then I get what you’re saying and disagree.

        If you think, like I do, that power and context are relevant, then I don’t understand your disagreement.

        Am interested though

      • editor says:

        How about if there was nothing wrong in what the Shadow Minister said, why was there a dressing down and apology?

        So if you use the power relationship – a white employee being racist to a none white boss. Perfectly possible? Power is with the boss not employee though. Of course this is off the topic of the stupid tweet made by Abbott, and hence a forced and tardy apology.

        Get yourself elected and bring some intelligence to the opposition. They need you.

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