IPSA doing its best to anger MPs even more?

On this weeks Seven Days Show Iain Dale and I discussed IPSA and whether things were getting any better.

Whilst the public may not have much sympathy for MPs and their expenses problems, it seems as though IPSA are doing as much as possible to annoy MPs and their staff. Reading the letter from IPSA it appears as though they have taken the strange decision to scale back the hours that their helpline is open. Readers will be all too well aware that both MPs and their staff have seemingly found it impossible to speak to IPSA regarding the issue of sorting out the backlog of claims, so surely this move is only going to get worse.

According to one staffer,

“We’re absolutely outraged over here – read the attached letter, page two is what you’re looking for.  So IPSA are now only going to answer the phones for 4 hours a day?!! I need to call IPSA at least once every time I do a claim – the whole system is so ridiculous – so now they’re basically saying that I can only do my IPSA claims between 1 and 5pm.”

It certainly seems as if IPSA are more interested in running a system that suits them, than a system that might just actually work.

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