Anti Murdoch rhetoric is rather boring

I really find the anti Murdoch rhetoric rather tedious. Frankly I think Cable opening his mouth will mean News Corp will definitely take over BSKYB, so well done Vince, you’ve probably achieved just what you didn’t want.

But why all this anti Murdoch sentiment. If you own a television you don’t have to watch Sky or either the BBC. Yet you do of course have to fund the BBC. Don’t like Sky? Don’t watch it. Don’t like Murdoch and his papers? Don’t by them.

Frankly I rather like Sky. I think their news coverage is good, and I now have the chance to see far more football matches live than was ever the case with our state broadcaster. Oh but you can’t see live sports without Sky? What? Yes you can.. go and watch an actual football match at the ground like you used to. The benefit now is that you aren’t just left with that choice.

I am not anti the BBC in anyway. Frankly having lived in the states I still think much of its output knocks spots of the guff that comes from some of the US networks, and I also like not having commercial breaks every 5 minutes. One wonders if the same arguments that are being thrown towards Murdoch and Sky could easily be thrown at the BBC.

3 Responses to Anti Murdoch rhetoric is rather boring

  1. asquith says:

    I don't believe, sticking my neck out randomly, that Murdoch is likely to be a winner from this. If Hunt OKs his move the whole thing will seem unholy (just imagine what they'll say about the government dancing to his tune), & I think everyone is very much aware of that.

    Personally I don't have a TV or read any of his "newspapers", nor do I like him, I'd shed no tears is his takeover of BSkyB was blocked. I would say that's the likely outcome now, but we'll see.

  2. Guest says:

    The problem is that it is becoming increasingly more difficult to avoid the monopolistic business power of Murdoch and his friends. Murdoch is, without mandate, an influential figure in British politics and any attempts to limit his expansion should be applauded. The BBC is not a perfect institution, but to suggest that it deserves the same criticism as its dangerously partisan rival, is ridiculous.

    • toryradio says:

      You mention monopolies with a straight face about Murdoch but don't think it applies to the BBC. Now who is being ridiculous? You want to look at local radio and talk about the BBC which you cannot avoid funding if you have a TV and compare it to how independents have to struggle to even get on air and then remain on air having to rely on ad revenue.

      If its hard to avoid giving money to Murdoch then it's nearly impossible to avoid giving it to the BBC. Of course you will no doubt be tuning into SKY 1 over Xmas, and reading a few of the Murdoch papers. Enjoy!

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