So how is campaigning going?

There has always been one problem when you are on the campaign trail. Twice I’ve been a candidate in parliamentary elections and now I’m helping a good friend in their campaign. In all three instances if you are campaigning from early morning until late at night you see (well at least I do) to get removed from what the days news is.

Some may say I should perhaps schedule time to flick through the days newspapers. A little hard when you start early in the morning to hit one of the many commuter stations in the constituency – and finish late at night helping to deal with the vast amount of correspondence.

With that in mind I ask a question to all the lovely readers and listeners out there. Just how is the campaign going in your patch? Is it all positive on the doorstep, or are there alot of people who are very much undecided. Are you hearing the minor parties may pick up some sort of protest vote or is the puboic determined to vote Conservatives and to also vote the current Government out?

Maybe tonight I’ll allow myself a couple of hours off and watch the TV debate. Oh I know how to treat myself don’t I!

2 Responses to So how is campaigning going?

  1. Keynesianism says:

    Bet you wish you hadn't watched the debate now! Next polls should be interesting. Clegg played a smart game for me- surprising!

  2. Keynesianism says:

    Interersting watching the twitter comments on which I presume stem from a largely younger audience. A lot seem to rate Clegg's performance, a number of old etonian style digs against Cameron. Pressure is on, I think Cameron neeeds to improve signidficantlty in the next 2 . I'm Glad Nicola sturgeon didn't rate the debate, what planet is she on?

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