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So how many days until polling day? Each day seems to blur into one – but campaigning is always good fun although it does feel a little strange doing it for someone else when you’ve been a candidate the last couple of times.

If someone asked me how it was going I’d say very well. There is scant evidence of any activity from the opposition in this neck of the woods. Part of me always thinks you can put huge amounts of effort in – but what effect will it really have. 250,000 bits of literature didn’t increase my vote one jot in 2005 when compared to the 2001 election. Yet the Lib Dem candidate who didnt put a piece of paper out bar an election address or knock on a door increased his vote by 20%.

What I like about is elections is some of the anecdotes you pick up on. This election has been no different.

First there is the chap who when I gave him a leaflet asked don’t MPs and candidates canvas anymore. I pointed out yes of course although there are less people involved in political parties; there is 1 candidate and 65,000 voters and we were doing our best. Then I asked if they had seen anyone from the other parties – No – not seen anyone for 20 years.  So the result being we got it in the ear for being the ones who ARE active. You can’t please everyone eh.

Then we did a whistle stop tour to a little village and the candidate introduced themselves to lots of people including someone who worked in a famous High street chemist (you know – where I used to work). We initially got the “all politicians are the same” which we countered. Then we were told the first time the lady in question was able to vote she went to the ballot and because there were other parties she hadn’t been made aware of, she came out and didn’t vote. So lets get this straight. We are doing the right thing by introducing the party and the candidate, but are getting moaned at because when she once went to the ballot – there were other parties she wasn’t aware of, and that was the our fault.

That is what is called democracy I guess.

9 Responses to Latest from the doorstep

  1. toryradio says:

    Actually I'd say it's the post debate coverage that may influence things. The economy debate will favour Brown? The man that turned £6 bn debt into £170 billion. The man that has seen unemployment higher than when he came to office. The man that sold gold at an all time low. Yeah – of course it will favour Brown.

  2. Keynesianism says:

    "The conservatives will cut too quickly and cause the recovery to falter." I think Brown has already won this argument and Cameron has no answer. People have more confidence in Brown to handle the economy. Given the recession we have been through that has to be a major concern for the conservatives. Ken Clarke's attempts to scare us with the deficit and the IMF were frankly poor, and from a politician that I admire and respect..

  3. toryradio says:

    "People have more confidence in Brown to handle the economy" would be correct if you added the word badly. In the last two weeks I have heard from numerous small businessmen who are bemoaning the fact that the banks arent lending. The banks that Brown has apparently instructed to do so. They certainly have NO faith in Brown and the economy.

  4. Keynesianism says:

    Brown has failings but I wouldn't like to take him on in a debate about economics. He knows his stuff, has shedloads of experience and as time progresses he is gaining credit for making the right calls during the banking and subsequent economic crisis. 2 months ago the Conservatives had this in the bag, is that the case now? GDP figures tomorrow, here's hoping…

  5. toryradio says:

    What about the latest unemployment figures. And lets not forget the previous ones which when they showed a rise in jobs – actually unemployment was rising in the private sector. Now even with all the money pumped in unemployment is rising.

    This is a man who thinks cutting the NI rise is removing £6bn from the economy. No its leaving it with employees and employers to spend on what they want – as they surely know best, and not what Gordon wants.

    • Keynesianism says:

      GDP figures are not good, no doubt Brown will use it to emphasise just how fragile the recovery is and how a conservative government would damage this further with their policies. What with this and unemployment and the debt, If Cameron cannot take him apart now he may as well give up and let somebody else have a go.

      As for the national insurance where else could the £6b to help pay off the debt come from. That rise in VAT possibly

  6. keynesianism says:

    Paxman interview with Cameron proved my point. DC named areas that need to look out if the Conservatives are elected! When pressed about cuts and asked to back up statements about government spending being unsuststainable he has no answers. A lot of work needed before next Thursday!

  7. Keynesianism says:

    Admittedly the consensus view does appear to be that deficit reduction is best achieved by spending cuts rather than tax rises, but turkeys do not vote for Christmas. Interestingly the ratings agencies do not presently appear to be alarmed at the prospect of a hung parliament as all parties are agreed in principle on the need to tackle the deficit problem. Politics will get even more interesting after May 6th I suspect..

    As for Ian Dale; What do you expect from A West Ham supporter?

    P.S. TV coverage of the London Marathon seems mercifully shorter this year

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